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Moscow International Education Fair: World-Class Scientific and Educational Centres

In 2018, the National Project “Nauka” was adopted with the objective to bring Russia to the leading positions in the world in the part of scientific research and developments in the fields determined by scientific and technological priorities. One of the main tasks of the project is to create the world-class scientific centers (WSC), including a network of the international mathematical centers and genome research centers. The project provides for creation of at least 15 world-class scientific and educational centres on the basis of integration of scientific organizations, universities and business. In the frameworks of the Moscow International Education Fair, the representatives of the regional authorities, Ministry of Education and Science, the RAS and RVC discussed how the National Project “Nauka” is being implemented in the regions, what criteria the scientific and educational centres and world-class centres should correspond to, and in what a way their creation can influence the social and economic factors.

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