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Expert Council Meeting on the Preparation of a Strategy for the Development of a Direct and Venture Capital Market in Russia

The principal market players presented a preliminary version of the strategy, which was finalized taking into account the desires of the working group (link to the post). They also spoke about the results of the analysis of the current state of affairs in the Russian industry as well as international experience. Alexey Basov, Investment Director at RVC, assured the participants that all their initiatives would be heard: “It is assumed that on the basis of this strategy, the government of the Russian Federation will instruct regulators and take into account initiatives that will be proposed in the document when developing state programs. Therefore, the ideas that we add to the document, including in relation to such fundamental issues as increasing the attractiveness of entrepreneurship, changes in the education system, encouraging corporations, will be implemented throughout the country. The task of the strategy is not to fix the current trends, but to radically change the situation, giving a powerful impetus to the development of the market through a wide range of measures and initiatives.”

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