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RVC with the assistance of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian federation has released the second open expert analytical report "Russia - Course on Innovation" on the implementation of the Strategy of Innovative Development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020
Venture fund Softline Seed Fund (investment partnership created by Softline Group of companies and RVC Seed Fund) announced the investments into Business Family Company. The Fund will receive a share in the project in the amount of 7% for 7.5 mln rubles
Leader, a company managing the funds of CEIF of Leader-Innovation venture investments, created with the participation of RVC capital, is going to invest in Vizerra Company. The company produces Revizto software and interactive 3D-solutions for the design, construction and operation of buildings and territories
In order to ensure transparency and openness of its activities, RVC presents a public annual report for 2013. The document reviews the results of the year and provides a qualitative and quantitative understanding of RVC performance for the year
RVC Infrafund completed acquisition of a minority share in Alpina Publisher Publishing Group. The investments will be focused on the development of services for information management and delivery in most user-friendly formats

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