RVC Infrafund invests in research and production company to improve industrial and environmental safety of energy companies and related industries

RVC Infrafund invests in research and production company to improve industrial and environmental safety of energy companies and related industries

RVC Infrafund has invested in leading scientific and production company ILMA (Saint-Petersburg). These investments will be spent on the development of production in St. Petersburg, development of engineering and service centres to ensure large-scale production facilities with quality reduction and regional expansion.

In December 2016, RVC Infrafund invested in research and production company ILMA (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) — a Russian leader in the field of innovative technologies of sealing detachable compounds for industrial and power equipment. ILMA specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance industrial seals under the brands Ilma® & GraFlan®. For over 20 years, they have been successfully used for sealing detachable joints, including critical equipment in power generation, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper industry, and gas utilities. The company has a modern research and production base, equipped with self-developed equipment and facilities for testing seals, as well as a service centre with high-performance plotters for rapid cutting of sheet gasket materials.

The investments obtained from the RVC Infrafund, ILMA will direct for the development of production in St. Petersburg, the development of innovative seals, as well as expanding its presence in the Russian regions. In large industrial cities, it is planned to create engineering and service centres to ensure large-scale production facilities with quality seals. A prerequisite for the implementation of the project was the fact that, according to industrial and environmental safety standards at responsible sites with hazardous environments when a leak is detected, even in a detachable joint, the entire production line must be stopped to eliminate the seal failure. Supply of seals and sealing materials from warehouses located, as a rule, in large cities, within a few days, and the vendors support stocks only for standard sizes. When it comes to the production of gaskets as per a layout, or a delivery of imported products is required, the delivery time of seal to the customer is greatly increased. When an emergency downtime takes place because of depressurization, a major oil refinery or petrochemical plant bears huge losses due to the lack of yield.

Under the new business model, the engineering and service centres of ILMA are located close to or directly at the customers' enterprises, ensuring the stock of required seals. In case of force majeure, the centre's personnel will be able to produce seal of its own material and install it in a few hours, which reduces losses from downtime of an enterprise by many times over. In fact, ILMA will monitor the condition of all the detachable air-tight connections in the enterprise and, if necessary, will take steps to reduce emergency downtime. Currently, the engineers of ILMA are actively engaged in the development of standards for the use of seals in different industries.

Therefore, by building a new business model, ILMA being a scientific and production enterprise with a factory in St. Petersburg, acquires the status of an inter-regional operator of engineering service centres network intended for improving the reliability of sealed detachable connections of industrial equipment.

"RVC Infrafund invests in ILMA at a very lucky time — the demand for reliable sealing technology from the petrochemical industry and fuel and energy complex of domestic enterprises is growing as environmental requirements are becoming stricter. In this regard, a new business model, with which ILMA enters the market, offering the service and guarantees instead of the usual supply of ready-made standard products, looks very popular. We expect that this will allow us to build a domestic industry leader who is serious to press foreign suppliers", says Alexander Loktev, director of RVC Infrafund.

"The inclusion of RVC Infrafund in our company is our first experience to attract institutional investors," said General Director of ILMA LLC Alexander Epishov. — Support for RVC Infrafund and its founder — RVC JSC is important for us not only in terms of business scaling, but also to build a highly efficient organization with good corporate governance, capable of entering international markets."


About ILMA

ILMA LLC — a Research and Production Company, founded in 2004. It is the Russian leader in the field of innovative technologies for sealing detachable sealed connections used on industrial and power equipment. The company has a modern production base, with facilities for the testing of seals, as well as a service centre.

The company is actively developing its R & D and patent their inventions in Russia and abroad.

Under the brand name ILMA® and GraFlan®, the Company offers its customers seals, sealing materials and related products from 11 nomenclature groups (representing more than 600 kinds of products). ILMA has 40 patents and the rights to 62 inventions, and the company is actively involved in the process of import substitution by competing with their solutions with products of foreign manufacturers. The founder and head of the company is Alexander Epishov, PhD, an author of more than 90 inventions. Among the clients of the company: Gazprom, Lukoil, Sibur, Surgutneftegas, FosAgro, EuroChem, Enel, E-on, IES Holding, TGK-1, TGK-2, OGK-1 and others.

The company's annual turnover amounted to 84.5 million rubles in 2015. In 2016, the estimated turnover will be around 100 million rubles.

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