The new version of VOCORD FaceControl 3D face recognition system built especially for border control


The new version of VOCORD FaceControl 3D face recognition system built especially for border control

The Vocord company, a Russian leading developer and manufacturer of the intelligent video monitoring and audio registration systems (a portfolio company of the funds with the participation of RVC capital: S-Group Ventures and Leader of Innovations; resident of the Skolkovo fund) has created a specialized version of VOCORD FaceControl 3D biometric facial identification system for border-crossing points .

It works like this, two pairs of synchronized stereo cameras are installed at cross border points; when somebody steps in a control zone, the system takes a series of synchronized snapshots from different angles, builds a 3D model of the face and compares it with a digital pattern or a photo, found in the database. The new version of VOCORD FaceControl 3D for border control comes with an extended operating range for biometric recognition . Importantly enough, now the system "knows" how to capture and recognize faces of people whose height starts from 155 cm - at different angles (regardless of face turning angle) and over different distances. It should be noted that this technology is impartial to head rotations, facial expressions, make-up and uncontrolled lighting conditions .

It should be reminded that the remote biometric face recognition system VOCORD FaceControl 3D is designed for real-time identification by sustainable biometric features. According to independent experts, today VOCORD FaceControl3D is the only system of remote biometric identification, capable of processing data at instantaneous speed and showing high (up to 98 %) accuracy of recognition .

Such results are due to the fact that the system uses short-focus lens with distortion compensation and implements an improved algorithm to auto-calibrate cameras between stereo pairs . The algorithm, developed by Vocord specialists, compensates for small changes in a distance between stereo modules. These changes usually occur when the construction and special racks, to which stereo modules are attached, start vibrating.

Please note that the algorithms used in VOCORD FaceControl 3D are patented in Russian Federation .

The developers acknowledge that VOCORD FaceControl 3D is optimal for accelerated identification, processing personal information of border-crossers and producing high-quality images of their faces . Besides, the customized version allows for integration with Border Service databases .

Advanced solutions, designed to perform complex tasks in the area of remote biometric identification, permit to make a complete and detailed database of people passing through the country borders. Accuracy of recognition does not depend on race and ethnic background of the person undergoing border control. The system works impartially 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ; Unlike people, it never loses reaction and always stays focused. Therefore, VOCORD FaceControl 3D biometric identification system will be in high demand at the border crossing points. Both border and security services will be using this technology to neutralize terrorist threats, — said technical director Alex Vocord Kadeyshvili, Technical Director at Vocord.


About the company

Vocord company, a Russian vendor of the professional video monitoring and audio registration systems, was founded in 1999. The company portfolio includes: face recognition systems, photo and video registration of violations of the driving regulations and traffic analysis, intelligent video monitoring and audio registration, that serve as a base for the successful realization of the complicated territory-distributed projects. The VOCORD systems are integrated in more than 2000 projects of commercial and government organizations and more than 70 projects of "Safe city" class in Russia and abroad. The company actively develops new technologies in the video analysis area: machine vision, image recognition, video stream analysis, situational video analysis, etc. Vocord is a resident of the Skolkovo fund, portfolio company of funds financed by RVC OJSC — "C-Group Ventures" and "Lider innobatsii", member of the professional ONVIF association and Russian biometry society. Company production is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. VOCORD solutions are distributed via partner networks in Russia and abroad.

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