"ExoAtlet" gets authorized by Roszdrav



"ExoAtlet" gets authorized by Roszdrav

ExoAtlet, the RVC portfolio company, that manufactures medical exoskeletons for rehabilitation, has obtained the marketing authorization from Federal Service of Surveillance in Healthcare

On June 28, 2016 ExoAtlet was registered as medical device in Rozdrav (its registration number РЗН 2016/4360) The authorization was complete at a record pace — in just 8 months.

Similar robotic facilities of foreign origin can be seen in several Russian clinics , but their exorbitant price is inaccessible to the public. Today ExoAtlet is in position to offer its exoskeletons to rehab centres throughout Russia.


In 2014 ExoAtlet reached the final of GenerationS Federal Competition organized by Russian Venture Company . In the same year ExoAtlet won StartupVillage conference, organized by Skolkovo fund. Later that year ExoAtlet became its resident. In November 2015 Moscow Seed Fund jointly with RVC Biofund invested 16 million rubles in ExoAtlet company.

Egor Beketov, Director of RVC Biofund:

After obtaining the marketing authorization, the company has moved to the next stage of its development. Now the first Russian-made exoskeleton is available for people with locomotion disorder. We are pleased to note that the cooperation between ExoAtlet and its investors has managed to introduce to the market a product so badly needed by thousands of Russians. I would not be surprised to see its first operators on the streets of our cities by the end of this year

ExoAtlet project was initiated in 2011 by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and a group of MSU scientists. Eventually, they created a prototype of the first Russian exoskeleton , which was later displayed at IV Integrated Safety & Security Exhibition 2013 " and was awarded a gold medal in the nomination "The best innovative solution in the field of integrated security"

Ekaterina Bereziy, ExoAtlet Founder & CEO

Getting this marketing authorization is like hearing a signal shot from a starting gun before a long distance race. We have a great deal of work ahead of us: organization of sales throughout Russia and participation in clinical trials aimed to develop new medical rehabilitation standards for patients suffering from brain injuries, spinal cord traumas and disseminated sclerosis . Consequently, Russian healthcare will adopt tariffs for treating such patients with the help of exoskeletons in the context of robotic mechanotherapy.


ExoAtlet team comprises professionals who conducted R&D activities within Institute of Mechanics of Moscow State University. During their time with MSU our specialists were involved into research work on creating hardware and software system Exoskeleton under the Federal Target Program aimed at promoting R&D activities of priority science and technology sectors of RF in 2007-2013 " . The team has more than five years of experience of integrating solutions both in design engineering and test performance. They were involved in creating complex mechatronic products of high precision and developing the relevant software and hardware .


"EXOATLET" is a Russian-based manufacturer of medical exoskeletons. ExoAtlet project was initiated in 2011 by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and a group of MSU scientists. Medical exoskeleton ExoAtlet® is designed to assist disabled people and can be used for both physical and social rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal disorders. ExoAtlet® is a unique device designed to assist in verticalization and movement control of patients with locomotion disorders of lower limbs. It is suitable for patients with a wide range of diseases: its control system is based on signals from torque sensors, electromyograms. Control algorithms allow to perform the movement with constant repetition of natural walk patterns which speed up the recovery process of locomotor and nerve systems. ExoAtlet® is the example of human-robot integration.

RVC Biofund LLC is a biotech fund in the fund portfolio of RVC, OJSC. In its investment policy RVC's Biofund LLC focuses on innovative biopharmaceutical companies and service companies providing contract laboratory, analytical and consulting services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical companies. RVC Biofund's portfolio includes nine design companies developing new drugs and analysis methods, as well as specialized services for biotechnology companie

Moscow Seed Fund

The fund promoting the development of venture capital investments into small enterprises in scientific and technical sphere of Moscow City was established by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow City with the support of RVC OJSC. The Fund's mission is to support the venture investors beginners and young innovative enterprises. The Fund extends the loans against the concessionary interest rate for innovative projects under Seed and Pre-seed Stage having passed a competitive selection and having received a financial aid as investments from private investors. The fund provides RUB 2 as a financial leverage for each RUB 1 invested by a private investor. The maximal amount of investments into one enterprise shall not exceed RUB 8 million. The loan is extended for 3 years.

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