Vocord creates a fundamentally new system of inventory control based on the VOCORD Tahion surveillance system


Vocord creates a fundamentally new system of inventory control based on the VOCORD Tahion surveillance system

The Russian Vocord is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of intelligent video surveillance and audio registration (a portfolio company of funds with the RVC capital: S-Group Ventures and Leader of Innovations; a resident of Skolkovo Foundation) has created an innovative system for the internal control of movements of goods in a warehouse on the basis of the VOCORD Tahion video surveillance system.

The new system of inventory control makes is possible to track the movement of goods in a warehouse, the packaging process, to monitor product weighing procedures and monitor traffic at the loading and unloading sites of warehouses and logistics centers. The solution is based on the analysis of the VOCORD Tahion video surveillance system and can work both separately and in conjunction with other systems of inventory control and management in a company.

The application of intelligent video surveillance and video analytics systems can accurately "spot" products at a warehouse and videotape the processes of packaging, weighing and shipping, while controlling the entire process chain. As a result, the users of the system receive full information about the movement of goods along the internal supply chain both in online and recorded modes. In addition, the new solution verifies the completeness of orders and controls regrading, which makes it possible to automate the control of shipments of goods and reduce the time for processing operations many times over.

Also, with the help of plate recognition and video analytics modules, the new system is capable of tracking traffic at loading and unloading sites, and automatically control the process of loading of each individual truck. In doing so, if the goods are weighted during loading, the system monitors the correctness of the weighing process on its own with the help of specially developed algorithms. It should be emphasized that with the use of intelligent video analysis the presence of unauthorized people and objects in the weight area is automatically controlled; thereby, all possible attempts to affect the balance at the time of weighing are prevented. Since the images of each pallet are entered into the database, it makes it impossible its re-weighting, taking on charge, or unauthorized replacement. In addition, the system captures in the video the moment of transfer of ownership of the goods during shipment.

It is important that the established system is easily scalable and is designed for companies of all sizes — from a store to large, geographically distributed networks. Meanwhile, the system can be used both independently and be interfaced with other logistics accounting systems.

The current state of the retail market defines the need to improve the quality of their supply chains. The special attention in addressing these issues deserve intelligent video surveillance and video analytics, whose broad functionality makes it possible to optimally organize the logistics internal infrastructure of a company. Accordingly, the product loss occurring due to errors in the transportation of goods is reduced, and the human factor is minimized. However, it is possible to dramatically accelerate the work with claims. Today, we provide a fundamentally new solution for the logistics market, which will undoubtedly improve the quality of movement of commodity chains and will significantly reduce the loss of products cause by a human error. I believe that the retail market is one of the most important and promising for the widespread introduction of our intelligent solutions. Moreover, today, the new system begins to work both in pilot projects and in real projects across Russia, said the General Director of Vocord Timur Vekilov.


About the company
The Vocord Company, a Russian developer and manufacturer of professional video surveillance and audio registration, was founded in 1999. The company's portfolio of solutions includes: systems of face detection, photo- and video recording of violations of traffic rules and traffic flow analytics, intelligent video surveillance and audio registration on the basis of which complex geographically distributed projects are being successfully implemented. The VOCORD systems have been implemented in more than 2,000 projects of commercial and government organizations in more than 70 projects of the "Safe city" class in Russia and abroad. The company is actively conducting new technology developments in the field of video analysis: machine vision, pattern recognition, video streaming analysis, situational video analytics and others. Vocord is a resident of Skolkovo Foundation, a portfolio company of the funds, financed by Russian Venture Company, JSC — S-Group Ventures and Leader-Innovations, a member of the ONVIF professional association and Russian biometric company. The company's production is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008. The VOCORD solutions are distributed through a partner network in Russia and abroad.

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