Vocord Company: Work results in 2015


Vocord Company: Work results in 2015

Vocord company is one of the leading vendors of the intelligent video monitoring and audio registration systems (a portfolio company of the funds set up with participation of RVC capital: C-Group Ventures and Leader-Innovations; resident of the Skolkovo fund) summarizes its work for 2015.

For the specified period, the company extended its presence geography in the regions of Russia by 30%, started realization of some international projects, significantly updated features of the key products and launched a new solution designed for qualitative analysis and expertise of photo and video materials.

In 2015, the Vocord turnover grew for more than 20% — comparing to the analogous value of the previous year. And the initial focus on increase of efficiency of the own production in Russia as well as close cooperation with the Russian manufacturing facilities that were often Vocord partners in implementation of the production tasks, allowed the company to minimize the negative impact of the falling Russian currency in 2015 and to significantly reduce dependence on the imported parts  — their share in the Vocord products cost became twice less (from 14% in 2014 to 7% in 2015).

In 2015, the planned development of the company manufacturing facilities continued, and the management was able to ensure tighter and more adjusted up to specific operations integration of the production process with the research and development department of Vocord. The latter is especially important because the company specialists had a challenge to urgently extend features of the product solutions already known on the market (including Vocord Traffic and VOCORD Tahion) as well as to lead the absolutely new systems (VOCORD Video Expert complex takes a special place in the list) to production prototypes.

All the above made it possible for Vocord to launch pilot and real projects of different types virtually all over Russia: from Kaliningrad to Yakutsk. And the main geographic extension fell on the intelligent traffic control complex — Vocord Traffic — today the work in Kaliningrad and Moscow region, in Ryazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Voronezh, Velikiy Novgorod, Syktyvkar, Vladikavkaz, Saransk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Gorno-Altaysk, Chita, Yakutsk, etc. We need to note that according to statistical data collected by the Vocord specialists, accident and death risks among the traffic participants decreases for more than 25% on the road sections equipped with the automatic control systems.

A serious step in company development in 2015 was its participation in some international projects in Indonesia, Latin America, Europe and the Persian Gulf, as well as approval of the concept defining company entrance to the markets of Asia and Near East in 2016-2017. Here, to the Vocord specialists' opinion, technologies designed for ensuring security at the big (namely sport and trade) objects will be demanded. Promotion of the specialized software for video analysis, recognition and expertise of photo and video data in the state authorities carried out together with the local partners is planned as well. we need to remember that Vocord works in the regions under the partner model. In 2015, the company got 10 new partners in Russia and far-abroad countries.

Besides, in 2015, Vocord, with the financial support of the Skolkovo fund, Russian Venture Company and Leader CJSC, participated in several big events and exhibitions including the foreign ones representing there international versions of its products.

The special attention should be paid to development of the company product lines, creation of the new criminalistic analysis software by the Vocord engineers, as well as launch of VOCORD Video Expert.

VOCORD Video Expert complex was created in close cooperation with the criminal law experts and it represents a unique set of tools for carrying out expertise, including forensic examination and criminalistics analysis of photo and video materials that will shortly become obligatory adduced evidence in the court: according to the Draft federal law 492044-6 "On Introducing Amendments to the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation with regard to bindingness of adducing photo and video materials, audio and video records as evidence for the administrative offence case."

Licensing system of the panorama video control system VOCORD Tahion™ was completely revised in 2015. The new flexible pricing policy that became a base for the updated licensing model provides to the company partners and customers the ability to design intelligent video monitoring systems of any size with minimal expenses.

Improvements also covered the multifunctional intelligent traffic control system Vocord Traffic. In particular, the company produced a new impulse infrared searchlight to be used in the traffic enforcement camera during the dark hours and in adverse weather conditions.

It's not less important that the Vocord specialists finished development of the own mathematics algorithm of face recognition in the previous year. Today, all biometric face recognition systems VOCORD FaceControl and VOCORD FaceControl 3D are equipped with the new modules of face recognition. We would like to emphasize that at the moment Vocord is the only Russian company offering to its customers the hardware and software complex using the home made program algorithms and hardware devices and solving the most complicated face recognition task — biometric, non-cooperative face recognition in the crowd. The reference project of Vocord in 2015 was setting up VOCORD FaceControl complexes at the Arena Omsk which is in top six biggest sport constructions in Russia and is the biggest sport complex in Siberia.

Vocord always built its business model based on the internal scientific developments and this priority hasn't changed. We value reputation we earned for these years. Vocord is known on the market as a serious engineering company offering only the most advanced, up-to-date and best systems to its customers. We invest significant resources in their creation, but this approach is reasonable. Of course, we see the growing demand for our products; we will improve them from the technological point of view by extending the set of features and making them more convenient for the users. But we pay special attention to development of solutions related to biometric non-cooperative face recognition. I am convinced that it is the most promising technologies that ensure preventive security, General Director of Vocord Timur Vekilov said.

About company

Vocord company, a Russian vendor of the professional video monitoring and audio registration systems, is founded in 1999. The company portfolio includes: face recognition systems, photo and video registration of violations of the driving regulations and traffic analysis, intelligent video monitoring and audio registration, which serve as a base for the successful realization of the complicated territory-distributed projects. The VOCORD systems are integrated in more than 2000 projects of commercial and state organizations and in more than 70 projects of "Safe city" class in Russia and abroad. The company actively develops new technologies in the video analysis area: machine vision, image recognition, video stream analysis, situational video analysis, etc. Vocord is a resident of Skolkovo fund, a portfolio company of C-Group Ventures and Leader-Innovations funds set up with participation of the RVC capital, participant of the professional ONVIF association and Russian biometric association. Company production is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. VOCORD solutions are distributed via the partner network in Russia and abroad.

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