"Virtual Broadcaster" will increase traffic to TV channels



"Virtual Broadcaster" will increase traffic to TV channels

CDNvideo, a portfolio company of the Leader-Innovations Fund engaging RVC capital, developed software that allows viewers to select a broadcaster for the webcasts. A new service — Virtual Broadcaster — doesn't have the analogues on the Russian webcast market.

Virtual Broadcaster is based on the technology of selection of the alternate audio tracks in the web stream. The service makes it possible to connect several broadcasters to a single event from different studios and provide the viewers with the ability to select in real time the broadcaster they like best.

The procedure of adding/deleting broadcasters is absolutely transparent for the content providers. The content provider decides who can broadcast its webcast and who is not allowed to do so. The technology can be successfully used for the big international competitions, professional conferences, musical festivals and other public events.

First of all, federal TV channels and sport broadcasters will take advantage of this service — those who want to distinguish from the competitors and attract the biggest audience. According to our estimations, Virtual Broadcaster would increase quantity of viewers by 50% and as a result, increase revenue from the webcasts. The ability to select a broadcaster will make many football and hockey fans happy, they will get the extended access to games view. Constant search for the new solutions to increase popularity of the customer resources is one of the main development directions of our company. We are trying to go beyond the common CDN-operator and have a finger on the pulse, Yaroslav Gorodetskiy, General Director of CDNVideo says.

CDNvideo was founded in 2010. In 2013, the company raised funds from the Leader-Innovations Fund. For less than 5 years, the company became a leading CDN-provider in Russia and CIS and a leader in the video content broadcasting in the Internet. In 2014, the Sochi Olympic Games were broadcast via the CDNVideo network, which allowed to VGTRK channel to save on the server facilities and ensure high quality of webcasting.

It has an office in Singapore. Operates on the markets of CIS and Georgia, China and ASEAN countries, European Union.

About CDNvideo

CDNvideo is a portfolio company of Leader-Innovations Fund set up with participation of RVC capital. For less than 5 years, the company became a leading CDN-provider in Russia and CIS and a leader in the video content broadcasting in the Internet. Before the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014, CDNvideo became a partner of VGTRK — all sports competitions were officially broadcast with the use of its servers and technologies.

About Leader MC

Leader CJSC was founded in 1993. Leader Management Company is the biggest in Russia Management Company considering total assets under management and one of the most reliable companies with rich experience of stable and reliable work. As of September 30, 2015, assets in the amount of more than 391.4 billion rubles are under the management of Leader CJSC. The company shareholders are Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank), Gazprom PJSC, Gazfond NPF, Gazprombank JCS. Reliability of Leader CJSC is acknowledged by the leading rating agencies: Expert RA — A++ rating "Extremely high (highest) level of reliability and quality of services", National Rating Agency — AAA rating "Maximal reliability".

About RVC

RVC OJSC is a state fund of funds, a development institution of the Russian Federation, one of the key tools leveraged by the state in the effort to create national innovation system. The authorized capital of RVC is more than 30 billion rubles. RVC's capital is owned in full by the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management of the Russian Federation (Rosimushestvo). Total number of funds set up by RVC OJSC is 22; their total size is 31.9 billion rubles.

RVC OJSC share is 19.1 billion rubles. RVC funds invested into 179 innovation companies. The total amount of invested funds is 16.4 billion rubles. From 2015, RVC is defined as the NTI project office — a program of measures aimed at development of the absolutely new markets and creation of conditions for global technology leadership of Russia by 2035.

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