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The Live System Deed Fund invests in the insomnia management device



The investment partnership "Live Systems Seed Fund" founded in 2015 by KSI Ventures and RVC Seed Investments Fund, has invested in the device designed for insomnia management device "SONYA".

Innovation Neurosystems company in partnership with NEUROCOM is developing the insomnia management device — "SONYA". The device looks like a bracelet that is put on the hand for the whole night. The device is based on the electro treatment method of sleep resetting. By analysing galvanic skin reaction on the hand surface, SONYA recognises beginning of the slow wave sleep and extends it by light electrical stimulation. Advantage of this device comparing to the ordinary sleep aids is non-pharmacological effect, no side effects and the fact that the device is individually adjusted for each person.

The insomnia problem is now widespread especially among the megapolis citizens. According to IMS Health, volume of the Russian insomnia management aids in 2014 was more than 6.5 billion rubles and it will grow in perspective.

The "SONYA" developers will spend the received investments to registration and commercialization of their device. They expect to start selling the device in the beginning of 2017. The device will be manufactured in the Russian Federation.

Oleg Korzinov, CEO, KSI Ventures, said:

SONYA project interested us, first of all, by the fact that it is aimed at solving of the pressing challenges — lack of sleep and insomnia. The existing medicine solve the insomnia problem only partially, and they have a complete set of side effects and don't solve the problem of sleep quality — i.e. as a result, a person in any way feels like he didn't get enough sleep or just sleepy. Yes, and cost of taking such medicine for quite a long time becomes a significant load to the budget. We hope that SONYA will become an efficient assistant to people experiencing such problems and will help to reasonable save the money.

The development is based on more than twenty years of experience of the development authors and industrial partners of the project — NEUROCOM. Till the recent time, these development have been used only to control waking state of drivers, engine drivers, operators; these technologies under the Sonya project will shortly become available to all those who want to solve the opposite task - stimulate sound and deep sleep, — added the General Director of Innovation Neurosystems Kirill Volynchik.

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