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Innovations will help the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation to save RUB 3.5 billion


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Sonda Technologies, a portfolio company of the venture fund of "S-Group Ventures" established with the participation of the RVC capital installed together with system integrators "I-Teco" and JSC "Central Research Institute EISU" a biometrical system of fingerprint identification, access control and food order for military personnel in 600 Army canteens from the island Novaya Zemlya to Russky Island.

The system terminals installed in dining rooms read biometric data of each serviceman in front of the line of food distribution. Further, the system provides the serviceman with the opportunity to order food, exercises control of attendance and counts a diet of division. The new electronic system allows to increase effective management of providing the military personnel with food, by optimizing consumption of products and reducing transaction expenses. The Ministry of Defence has made appropriate calculations and came to the conclusion that the implementation of automatic accounting will allow to save up to 3.5 billion rubles per year.

The program developed by Sonda Technologies specialists allows to identify accurately any person by its fingerprints using multi-million databases just in one-two seconds. Access to the database is realised by means of WEB interface or mobile identification terminal from both stationary station and any computer. There are less than ten companies in the world nowadays, which can work with such huge databases in real time.

The specialists’ team from Miass in Ural has been developing and producing biometrical systems for 25 years now. The core of the Company is formed by the graduates of Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute. Systems made by Sonda Technologies are used in Russian Federation and in more than a hundred of Expert Criminalistics Subdivisions in different countries.

General Manager of "Sonda Technologies" Anatoly Bokov
Investment of "S-Group Ventures" turned out to be a powerful pulse for the company development and allowed us to develop algorithms of new generation (real time identification) and start mass implementation of civil biometrical systems  — ranging from safety assurance in schools to creation of payment systems.


About Sonda Technologies

Sonda Technologies has been developing biometric fingerprint identification systems since 1991. High quality of Sonda’s biometric algorithms was many times confirmed by international competitions and testing of biometric algorithms — FVC, SlapSeg, and MINEX — where Sonda has consistently won top places. The method of identification and hardware of the company are protected by 55 patents. Sonda Technologies is a portfolio company of the venture fund "S-Group Ventures" established with the participation of RVC OJSC capital. The main products of the company include: AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), the system for rapid identification — Sonda RTI, software packages of the Sonda SDK developer, the program of purchases payment by a fingerprint identification — Sonda Pay, biometric solutions for banks and biometric scanners of fingerprints.

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