Cold pole controlled by VOCORD Traffic (system is installed in Yakutsk)


VOCORD automatic traffic enforcement systems manufactured by the Russian company Vocord — one of the leading developers and producers of intelligent systems of video surveillance and audio registration (portfolio company of funds with the participation of RVC capital: "S-Groups Ventures" and "Leader innovations"; resident of Skolkovo Foundation) — operate in extreme temperature conditions of the Cold pole in Yakutsk.

Vocord-Traffic automatic system for control of violations of the traffic regulations is installed in the capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) within implementation of the state regional program "Prevention of Violations of law, Providing a Public Order and Counteraction of Crime for 2012-2017". Vocord traffic systems control observance of traffic regulations in the most populous city of the Far Eastern Federal district.

Vocord traffic systems are successfully used under extreme weather conditions of Yakutia where average winter temperature is about −40 °C, and the annual amplitude of temperatures exceeds 100 °C. Fault-free performance of Vocord systems in such conditions has become possible due to introduction of results of scientific research made by the company specialists whose technical solutions allowed to create systems equally stable and functional at different temperature values in any climatic zone — from subtropics to permafrost.

Since early 2016, the number of violations recorded by Vocord traffic systems in Yakutsk (data relating to one intersection) has exceeded 30 000, and the total of penalties has amounted to more than 11.4 million rubles. We would like to remind you that Vocord traffic systems monitor the situation on the road 24 hours a day and ensure automatic photo and video recording of all traffic regulations violations (up to 15 types of violations).

Timur Vekilov, CEO of Vocord
Performance indicators of our system clearly demonstrates progress in implementation of the State Program of prevention of law violations in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): There is undoubtedly an essential decrease in number of road accidents. We are pleased to realize that our equipment and technology contribute to preservation of human lives, decrease in accident rate and fostering of driving culture. It is in our common interest to change an unfavourable situation on the roads, and activities undertaken by Vocord team are aimed directly to the fastest changes in this area.


Vocord Company, a Russian developer and manufacturer of professional video monitoring and audio registration systems, was founded in 1999. The company portfolio includes: face recognition systems, systems for photo and video registration of traffic violations and traffic flow analysis, intelligent video monitoring and audio registration systems which are used as a basis for the successful implementation of complex geographically dispersed projects. The VOCORD systems are integrated in more than 2000 projects of commercial and state entities and in more than 70 projects of "Safe city" class in Russia and abroad. The company actively develops new technologies in the video analysis area: machine vision, image recognition, video stream analysis, situational video analysis, etc. Vocord is the resident of Skolkovo Foundation, and a portfolio company of the funds "S-Group Ventures" and "Leader innovations" established with the participation of the RVC capital. Vocord is also the participant of ONVIF professional association and Russian Biometric Society. Manufacturing processes of the company are certified according to ISO 9001:2008. VOCORD solutions are distributed via the partner network in Russia and abroad.

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