RVC Infrafund invested in the AMT&C group of companies


Infrafund RVC announces the purchase of 10% share in four AMT&C engineering companies. The investments will be used to realize the project related to integration of the green motor generator for a hybrid power plant and other promising engineering systems using new magnet technologies.

The AMT&C Group of companies is one of the leaders on the Russian, CIS, European Union's and South America's market in the area of new magnet materials and technologies, specializing on development and manufacturing of the industrial-purpose items.

All four engineering companies "Magnetit", "MFT", "Farmag" and "PMT&C" are the participants of the Skolkovo Fund. Copyrights and rights of commercial use of the technologies are documented as 21 patents and 39 know-how. АМТ&C was founded by a group of scientists headed by the Professor of the Physics Faculty at MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov — Alexandr Tishin. Group's R&D activity is based on 30-years of scientific and practical experience and is focused on such newest areas as magnetic separation, energy-independent sectional gas valves, target desorption of medications, scientific instrument engineering and ways to create nano-materials.

The advantage of the AMT&C project is the fact that a team headed by Alexandr Tishin has been occupied with commercialization of native developments in the area of permanent magnets for many years and has rich experience in this field, Director of RVC Infrafund Alexandr Loktev says.

Alexandr Tishin says:

We hope that cooperation with RVC Infrafund will give a new impact on development of the promising projects of the AMT&C Group of Companies and will accelerate the process of attaining the phase of integration to the production chains of our customers.


About RVC Infrafund

RVC Infrastructure Investment Limited Liability Company has been in the market since January 2011. Amount of the authorized capital: 1.1 billion rubles. The strategic objective of RVC Infrafund is development of innovative infrastructure markets making it possible for their members to effectively commercialize the results of scientific and research activities. For this purpose, RVC Infrafund invests in commercially promising companies that provide a wide range of services to all participants of innovative markets and that are located in areas with a developed research and educational base. RVC Infrafund is focused on creating of infrastructure that will completely support the full cycle of innovation — from acceleration to commercialization through successful introduction in existing technological chains.

About AMT&C Group of Companies

AMT&C Group of Companies was founded in 1999 and offers magnet materials of different designation; it also performs development and manufacturing of magnet systems and equipment based on them. Research and development is carried out together with the leading universities and institutions of the Russian Federation, such as MSU named after M.V. Lomonosov, NUST MIS&S, Russian oncology research center named after N.N. Blikhin, etc. The group owns 40 patents including international patents of the USA, Great Britain, Germany and other countries. The group ships scientific self-developed equipment to Spain, Italy, USA, Germany, and to the leading universities and institutes of the Russian Federation.

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