VOCORD FaceControl face recognition system ensures safety of the biggest sports construction in Siberia


VOCORD FaceControl innovation biometry system of face recognition developed by the Russian company Vocord — funds portfolio company invested by RVC — "C-Group-Ventures" and "Lider Innovatsii" and resident of the Skolkovo fund — is involved in safety protection of the Omsk multi-purpose sports complex.

"Omsk Arena" is among the six biggest sports constructions in Russia and is the biggest complex in Siberia with capacity of more than 10 thousand people. It is obvious that safety protection of such an object requires the use of the latest proved technologies. One of the significant instruments is the VOCORD FaceControl biometry face recognition system.

At the moment, VOCORD FaceControl equipment including special cameras of new generation VOCORD NetCam4 with the built-in face detector is installed at public walking access routes to the multi-purpose sports complex. Each of them monitors two turngates. In this way the system is able to define 128 faces simultaneously at a moment at any entrance zone, it ensures quick visitors pass-through and allows avoidance of mass gathering. The VOCORD FaceControl complex recognized more than 400 thousand faces, i.e. one third of Omsk population, for the operating period (which is just few months).

Since a face is detected directly in the VOCORD NetCam4 camera, load to the data transfer network is decreased, because the recognition server gets information only of visitors' faces. This principle of excessive data separation unloads the system and significantly increases its productivity. Thus, VOCORD FaceControl transfers a signal to the operator's "warning monitor" to notify of unwanted visitors at the turngates in less than a second.

Let us recall that the VOCORD FaceControl recognition complex is able to identify a person by photos not only from the wanted list, but also from those uploaded from the social networks. The system collects and archives faces of all games visitors who got in the camera view and allows identification of a person if any emergency situation occurs at grandstands.

Our biometry recognition system is the only one in Russia that showed positive practical results of work at mass pass-through locations: at railway stations, business-centers and biggest retail chains. "Omsk Arena" became one of the first biggest sports complexes in Russia with special requirements to security where our technical solution, proved in real life, is integrated. It's exemplary, that scientific developments in this direction have been carried out by the company for years. And today we can see the results of such effort: our systems serve to people, which is especially important during the dynamic development of the sports industry in our country. I am sure that our developments in the area of machine vision are able to ensure safety of the World Football Championship 2018,stated General Director of Vocord company Timur Vekilov.


Vocord Company, a Russian vendor and manufacturer of the professional video monitoring and audio registration systems, is founded in 1999. The company portfolio includes: face recognition systems, photo and video registration of violations of the driving regulations and traffic analysis, intelligent video monitoring and audio registration, which serve as a base for the successful realization of the complicated territory-distributed projects. The VOCORD systems are integrated in more than 2000 projects of commercial and state organizations and in more than 70 projects of "Safe city" class in Russia and abroad. The company actively develops new technologies in the video analysis area: machine vision, image recognition, video stream analysis, situational video analysis, etc. Vocord is a resident of the Skolkovo fund, portfolio company of funds financed by RVC OJSC — "C-Group Ventures" and "Lider innobatsii", member of the professional ONVIF association and Russian biometry society. Company production is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. VOCORD solutions are distributed via the partner network in Russia and abroad.

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