Photonics received Skolkovo minigrant to develop laser technology

Seed Fund Photonics Maxwell Biotech RVC

Photonics received Skolkovo minigrant to develop laser technology

The company Photonics, invested by Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund and RVC Seed Fund, has received minigrant of Skolkovo Foundation in the amount of 5 million rubles for initial proof of principle of a concept of gingival and aveolar bone regeneration using a new method of oral tissue treatment with LPM technology, which will be implemented in a new dental laser for hard tissue surgery by Photonics.

Photonics, Ltd. is an innovative private company founded in 2010 that has been developing and launching into the domestic market novel medical laser systems for soft (stLase) and hard (atLase) tissues surgery. The project development is carried out in close collaboration with the American partner, Dental Photonics Inc.

Dmitry Popov, managing partner at Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund: "The success of the research activities planned by Photonics will not just speed up manufacturing of the medical prototype of a new device, but will also provide the company with a strong marketing position in the future".

StLase system (known to the global market under the brand name Alta®) is the first multifunction platform for laser dentistry. This compact laser device consists of a main console, equipped with a 7-inch interactive touch screen, and applicable modules for various procedures and treatment methods that are attached to the side of the console. Advantage of the new laser systems are their compactness, multi-functionality, ergonomics, and relatively low cost. In addition to the dental treatment the laser system can also be used in cardiovascular surgery, surgery in obstetrics and gynecology, ENT, proctology and other fields of medicine.

In 2012 Photonics completed registration procedures of its first laser device in Russia and held a number of marketing activities, which allowed it to begin selling innovative laser system stLase in Russia in early 2013.

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