RVC Portfolio Companies Increase Export Revenue


The export revenue of portfolio companies of funds with the RVC capital participation in 2019 amounted to 96.6 million US dollars, up 9% from 88.4 million US dollars in 2018. Products are most in-demand in the markets of Japan, the USA, South Korea, China, and the UK.

The leaders in terms of export volume among RVC portfolio companies in 2019 were Perm Chemical Company (products of fine and specialized chemicals), RMT (technology for the production of thermoelectric materials), Pogarskaya potato factory (producer of potato flakes), National BioService (Wide-field research biobank) and Multikubik (Manufacturer of portable projectors). The company also successfully sells products and services in international markets — iiko, iVideon, GFS, Visitech, ExoAthlet, etc.

“Economic volatility opens up new opportunities for Russian companies exporting high-tech products. Due to fluctuations in exchange rates, they are increasing profits. The crisis in traditional segments creates the potential for the rapid development of new niches,” said Alexey Basov, Deputy General Director and Investment Director of RVC. “Competitiveness in foreign markets is largely a marker of the efficiency of the technology business; therefore, it is crucial for us that the export revenue indicator of RVC portfolio companies shows a steady increase.”

In total, by the beginning of 2020, the portfolio of funds with RVC capital participation included 180 high-tech companies with 8.7 thousand employees. In 2019, RVC portfolio companies paid 3.8 billion roubles of taxes to the federal budget — almost three times more than in 2018 (1.3 billion roubles).

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