An Investor, Dmitry Doichen, Acquires EastAgro Don RVC Biofund Portfolio


RVC Biofund Announces the Closure of a Transaction to Sell a 50% Stake in the EastAgro Don Portfolio Company. The buyer was the company Tendercon, which is affiliated with investor Dmitry Doyhenym. The cost of the transaction is not disclosed.

The EastAgro Don Company is implementing a project to build a high-tech enterprise in the Lipetsk Region for the integrated processing of Jerusalem artichoke and to produce on its basis the oligofructose Jerusalem artichoke syrup enriched with inulin. In the future, it is planned to begin the production of inulin itself. Inulin is widely used in the food industry, in the production of biologically active additives and baby food, and serves as a raw material for the production of fructose.

The EastAgro Don plant will be located in the Dankov special economic zone on a 20-hectare site, with an annual Jerusalem artichoke processing capacity of 60 thousand tons and syrup production up to 8 thousand tons. In addition, a series of by-products for the food industry will be launched.

Mikhail Fedotov, the director of RVC subsidiary funds: “As a result of the transaction, the project received a strategic investor and new development prospects. The construction of the EastAgro Don plant will make it possible to create new competencies in the field of agricultural technologies in our country and satisfy the domestic demand for products containing inulin, which was previously closed by importing companies.”

RVC Biofund acquired a 50% stake in EastAgro Don in 2015. In 2019, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, EastAgro Don and SME Bank signed a roadmap for financing the project. The co-investors of the project are MSP Bank, MIR JSC, through the closed mutual investment fund MIR. Guarantors are the SME Corporation and the Government of the Lipetsk Region.

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