Skolkovo Ventures invests in the educational company MAXIMUM Education as many as 390 million roubles


The Skolkovo Digital Foundation, created for direct investment in fast-growing high-tech IT companies in Russia under the management of Skolkovo Ventures and iTech Capital with the participation of RVC capital, announced the acquisition of a stake in MAXIMUM Education, one of the leaders in the field of further education for schoolchildren.

An investment round totalling 390 million roubles will be held with the participation of current shareholders — international investment funds managed by CapMan and Russia Partners. Attracted funding will be aimed at accelerating growth and creating new educational products.

MAXIMUM Education is a full-cycle educational company with international experience in the field of creating educational systems and in preparation for standardized exams. The company was founded by Mikhail Myagkov in 2013 and is a resident of the IT cluster of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. Their own and partner branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and another 20 cities of the Russian Federation, as well as a high-tech online platform, allow students from all regions of Russia to access high-quality educational products: preparation for standardized exams (USE, OGE), career guidance, learning English, digital skills, and school subjects. Today, MAXIMUM is more than 800 teachers, 130,000 students, 40 training programs developed by professional methodologists, and a high-tech online platform.

Mikhail Myagkov, the General Director and founder of MAXIMUM Education
Our strategic goal is to provide millions of students in Russia with the opportunity to overcome educational barriers: take exams for high scores, improve school performance, develop digital and communication skills, master the English language and build a professional trajectory. We focus on the development of high-tech products, are aimed at aggressive growth and further scaling, both geographic and grocery. I am sure that the deep expertise of our partners in high-tech industries will help achieve our goals.
Pavel Morozov, Managing Partner, Skolkovo Ventures
Our investment in MAXIMUM Education is in line with the strategy of finding the most attractive growth points in the framework of the digitalization of the economy.
Maxim Shavrygin, Investment Director, iTech Capital Fund
We are pleased to become an investor and partner of MAXIMUM Education, a company whose products are aimed at improving the quality standards of fundamental education in Russia. We see an extensive potential for the further growth of the company both within the framework of existing products and entering new niches. Over the years of its existence, MAXIMUM Education has established itself as the undoubted leader in the segment of additional school education, and we are pleased to support the company at the next stage of its development.
Alexey Basov, Deputy General Director — Investment Director, RVC
In recent years, the EdTech market has been thriving, and the revenue growth rate of companies in this segment indicates a high interest of users in high-tech educational products. We expect that the demand for company solutions will only grow following the global trend for the transformation of the educational services market.


Skolkovo Ventures is an investment platform for attracting external financing, managing venture funds, developing and launching new financial products for fast-growing technology companies on the market. Established by the Skolkovo Foundation in 2017. The company operates several venture capital funds with a total volume of 5 billion roubles, created with the participation of capital of RVC, Russian Railways, IBS and other large corporate and private investors. It is a leader in the Russian market of investment banking services for start-ups and high-tech companies at the stage of growth.

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