Cinemood, a producer of portable cinemas, is about to raise RUB 190 million from the Far Eastern High-Tech Fund for the development in the Far East


The Far Eastern High Technology Fund (created in August 2018 by the Development Fund of the Far East, Rusnano and RVC) will invest 190 million roubles in Multikubik, a developer of modern portable slide projectors under the Cinemood brand. The structure of the transaction involves a contribution of the Fund to the authorized capital of the company, with not details released as to the share size. Besides, the company is included in the portfolio of RBF Ventures.

Multikubik is a high-tech company specializing in the development and production of portable mini-projectors with online and offline access to recommended family video content safe that are regarded non-hazardous for children's health. The main products of the company are mini-projector, online platform for the delivery of entertainment and educational content, and "smart" accessories. The primary consumers of products and services are families with children from two to ten years. The company operated globally and has sales offices in Russia and the USA, and is also represented in the CIS and Canada markets.

The company is planning to put up investments for the development in the Far East as well as implementation of the previously announced strategy, which includes expansion of production, increase of sales volume in Russia and the USA as well as development of a new product version.

The company will establish a division in Vladivostok to develop sales in the Far Eastern region and prepare access to the markets of the Asia-Pacific region (APR). According to the development strategy, Multikubik plans to launch sales of Cinemood devices and services in China and India in 2020-2021.

By the end of the year, the company plans to recruit the first employees of the Far Eastern office. The company’s division in Vladivostok will include the creation of an R&D centre that will finalize the functionality of the content platform, develop new models of projectors and continue development in the field of VR/AR technologies. An additional function of the division will be a pre-sale quality control of mini-projectors and post-sales support, which includes the opening of a service centre and a call centre.

The opening of the Far Eastern division will allow the company to lower the costs of product development and service support through the regional tax benefits: the company is exploring the possibility of participating in special subsidized programs provided to residents of the Territories of Advanced Development and the Free Port of Vladivostok. This will reduce future costs for new product releases and expansion to Asian markets.

Mikhail Fedotov, Managing Partner, RBF Ventures
Multikubik is a truly successful company with international ambitions. Tens of thousands of families around the world are now using its services, including the United States and Canada. The project team has built an effective business model that can both improve costs and develop a line of promising services and products from the Kids Assistance category. The project demonstrates sustainable financial dynamics: over the six months in 2019, the revenue of Multikubik has increased by more than 2.5 times compared to the same period last year.
Ruslan Sarkisov, General Director of the Far Eastern High Technology Fund
The company is developing a rare business model at the intersection of hardware, software, and video content delivery service. The product is based on the entertainment of our childhood - filmstrips; at the same time, Cinemood is a modern projector with subscription to family video content. Finally, this is a project with international potential: one-third of the company's revenue is already coming from the US market. And this is an example of a team's creative approach to creating a product that has established itself in the Russian market and is ready for active expansion abroad.
Pavel Zhuravlev, co-founder of Multikubik, director of the investment office
I, as a native of Vladivostok, who lived more than 20 years in the Far East, understand very well the innovative and business potential of the region: already today, the Far East takes a 5% share in the company's sales. Attracting a fund that focuses on working with the Far East opens up new opportunities for the company in Asia, where preparatory work is already underway to launch sales in 2020-2021. Shortly, we will also proceed with raising investments within a new investment round to support the rapid growth that the company and its shareholders are oriented towards.

Earlier, at the end of 2018, the company attracted 263 million roubles from an investor pool led by RBF Ventures, which invested 140 million roubles in Multikubik. At that time, the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) invested another 60 million roubles, with another 63 million roubles invested by some business angels, Pavel Zhuravlev reminded.


RVC ( is a state fund of funds, a development institution of the Russian Federation, one of the essential tools in building its national innovation system. The authorized capital of RVC is more than 30 billion roubles. RVC capital is owned in full by the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for Management of State Property of the Russian Federation (Federal Property Management Agency). The total number of funds formed by RVC has reached 27; their total size is 51.3 billion roubles. The share of RVC JSC is 26.8 billion roubles. The number of innovative companies invested by RVC funds has reached 202. The total volume of invested monetary funds is 17.8 billion roubles.

RBF Ventures was established in December 2016. Its size is 1.4 billion roubles. The investors of the fund are the Belarusian Innovation Fund (Belinfond), RVC and RVC Infrafund that have invested the amounts of 50%, 49%, and 1% respectively at the first stage. The authorized managing partner of the Russian-Belarusian Venture Investment Fund is Infrafund RVC LLC, the managing partner is the Belarusian Innovation Fund.

MULTiKUBIK is a company founded in Russia in 2014; it operated globally under the CINEMOOD brand. The company's mission is to offer modern parents a high-quality and useful way to spend leisure time with their child, creating products that will become a safe alternative to tablets and smartphones, an assistant in raising children. The team is creating a platform for family-friendly educational and entertainment content distributed through portable movie theatres. Partners connected to the platform: Disney, ivi, MegaFon, MULT, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Yandex. The history of the company began with the idea of reviving the family tradition of evening filmstrip viewing. The team restores, provides the voice-over and translates filmstrips into English as well as creates new ones based on modern animation.

The Far Eastern High Technology Fund was established in August 2018 by the Development Fund of the Far East (part of VEB.RF), Rusnano and RVC. The funds amounting to 5 billion roubles are under management. DFVT invests in smart software and the industrial Internet of things, alternative energy and energy storage, robotics, biotechnology, IT and cloud solutions for business, etc. All fund projects are planned to be developed in the Far East. The average investments of the fund are 100-150 million roubles. The fund was created in pursuance of the order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the development of high-tech industries and innovative activities in the Far East.

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