Experts will decipher the genome of Russians


The Center of Genetics and Reproductive Medicine Genetico, which is the part of the RVC Biofund portfolio, won a tender to conduct the researches on the topic “Population genomics of indigenous ethnic groups of Russia” for the Research Institute of Medical Genetics of the Tomsk National Research Medical Center (NIMC).

Research work is to study the gene pool of populations of various peoples of Russia with use of the most modern technologies of massive parallel DNA sequencing. The work is carried out within the scientific and technical program of the Union State of Russia and Belarus "DNA identification”. Experts are to study the genome of indigenous ethnic groups of Siberia, the Far East, the Volga-Ural region, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

As explained by Vadim Stepanov, Director of the Tomsk National Research Medical Center, the main task of the Research Institute of Medical Genetics of the Tomsk National Research Medical Center is the development of DNA identification technology and determination of the population affinity of an unknown individual.

“The contractor, Center Genetico, is the only company in the Russian Federation that has the modern equipment, work experience and qualified specialists. Summarizing data of genotyping assay in the form of digital arrays is planned to be completed before the end of 2021, ”Vadim Stepanov notes.

“We are pleased to take part in world-class research practice. It is very important that the Union State has chosen the researches as one of the cooperation topics and pays great attention to the genetics issues,” comments Artur Isaev, Director of the Center Genetico. — I'd like to mention that the Center Genetico provided an opportunity for Russia and Belarus researchers to conduct a full-fledged, high-quality and affordable research of the genome in Russia, without taking samples and personal genomic data abroad. Currently, in Europe, the United States and the Russian Federation there is an understanding that the genomic data has the personal data characteristics and their turnover should be carefully regulated taking into account the citizen interests.”

CGRM Genetico is currently the leader in the area of medical genetics in Russia. The global market dimension of the genetic researches already exceeds $ 10 billion and could double to 5 years on the horizon. The company has a strong research and development team and is working to expand its product portfolio due to the multi-purpose products, including reproductive genetics and oncogenetics. We are sure that the competence of the Center will be further in demand in implementation of large-scale research projects in the interests of both government and commercial customers,” notes Mikhail Fedotov, Director of RVC affiliated funds.

Center Genetico got the investments from RVC Biofund in 2013. The Center's laboratory is registered in the information analysis system of the Russian Science fund (RNF) as an object of world-class infrastructure. The Center was also accredited by the Skolkovo fund as a Core facilities center (CFC). Genetico provides residents of the Biomedical Cluster with the services of genome sequencing (NGS), analysis of single cells and their specific activity, chromosomal micromatrix analysis, as well as conducts genetic research on mutation search and bioinformatic research.

Genetico laboratories are equipped with the latest high-performance sequencing and robotic equipment of the latest generation and allow to carry out the advanced genetic research required for medicine, genomics and proteomics.


About affiliated funds of RVC

RVC’s affiliated funds include the RVC Seed Investment Fund, DIC Civil Technologies Fund, RVC Biofund, and RVC InfraFund. The RVC affiliated fund portfolio includes about 100 companies in high-tech economy industries, including ExoAtlet, Ubic Technologies, National BioService, CGRM Genetico, IBRiS, etc. The management company is RVC InfraFund. The total amount of asset under management is RUB 5.9 billion.

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