Portfolio company of the RVС Seed Fund enters the German market


EnergoLesProm LLC, a 100% subsidiary of ELP Group LLC, a portfolio company of the RVC Seed Investment Fund, has signed its first export contract for the delivery of a fast pyrolysis unit for processing low-quality wood into liquid fuel to Germany. The customer is the German company Bioenergy concept GmbH specializing in the design and construction of anaerobic fermentation plants for the processing of organic waste.

The plant made by EnergoLesProm is an automated production facility that can be quickly installed at the customer’s site without large-scale construction efforts. Waste disposal production is deployed in a short time and does not require special permits and licenses.

The principle of operation is based on the ablative fast pyrolysis technology: it ensures an anaerobic thermal decomposition of organic compounds at relatively low temperatures. Potential buyers of assemblies are enterprises from the agribusiness industry, timber processing and energy sectors, petrochemical companies as well as operators engaged in processing of solid household waste.

As part of the contract with Bioenergy concept GmbH, the company will supply a mobile fast pyrolysis unit FPP02 to Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, which will process local wood resources into liquid biofuels at forestry enterprises. Subsequently, such biofuels will be used in boiler stations, boilers, turbines, as raw materials for the chemical industry, roadmaking.

Christoph Eusterbrock,
CEO of Bioenergy Concept GmbH
The ablation fast pyrolysis unit of ELP Group provides a unique and cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuels to produce heat.
Andrey Grachev,
General Manager of ELP Group
The unique feature of the plant developed by ELP Group is an ability to recycle almost any kind of biomass waste in a wide range of performance values with low capital costs and an opportunity of quick relocation to the place of waste formation or accumulation. Currently, we hold talks with a number of Russian customers in order to implement similar projects.

ELP Group, LLC is a Russian engineering company, developer and supplier of technologies and equipment for processing biomass waste into liquid fuel (bio oil) and chemical products. The company was formed for the commercialization of technology in 2015 through merger with EnergoLesProm, LLC. In 2015, the company raised investments from the RVC Seed Investment Fund and the Investment Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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