RVC presented Fund for Development of Educational Technologies


On December 18, at "Personnel for digital economy V 1.0» forum, deputy general director — investment director of RVC Aleksey Basov presented base parameters, strategy and key directions of the Fund for Development of Educational Technologies that will be created under the roadmap "Personnel and Education" of the program "Digital economy of Russia" of the Russian government.

Main objective of the Fund is development of the best educational technologies and assurance of the system approach to implementation of them in the education. This is about transformation of ideas in the field of educational technologies in robust business, search and development of perspective technological companies and improvement of the educational environment for the account of implementation of the cross-industry technologies in the educational processes, Fund mandate implies investments in the projects in 8 key directions: "Content creation", "Management", "Search", "Joining", "Experience", "Training", "Knowledge proof" and "From education to work". Acceleration support of the projects is also expected.

"Fund task is to substitute participants focused at creation and integration of the advanced educational technologies and provide them with the risk division instrument and investment attraction expertise. Fund strategy includes tight integration in the educational ecosystem, active partnership with accelerators, universities, development institutions and private investors. We expect that the Fund will become an investment platform consolidating joint effort to transform educational system and develop human capital in the country", Aleksey Basov, deputy general director - investment director of RVC noted.

Target size of the Fund is 6.9 billion rubles. Period of activity of the Fund is 10 years with the ability to prolong it after joint evaluation of the results. Fund manager will be determined by means of competition. Expected approach of the Fund to investment in the portfolio companies implies participation of the commercial partners-co-investors.

It is expected that the fund will start investing from the middle of 2019.

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