"MULTiKUBIK" attracted 263 million rubles form RBF Ventures, IIDF and business angels.


"MULTiKUBIK" company (known on the international market as CINEMOOD) attracted 263 million rubles of investments. Round leader, Russian and Belorussian venture investment fund RBF Ventures invested 140 million rubles. Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) — 60 million rubles. Business angels also joined the round, including Fedor Zakharov, general director of the company — vendor of the modern ecological thermoses "Arctica" ( and Pavel Roitberg, expert in Media and Telecom, in his past product director at MTS and commercial director at NTV Plus. This is the second investment round for the producer of portable family mini cinemas.

CINEMOOD is a representative of a new product category "Kids Assistant", the first in the world assistant for the modern parents in children upbringing. The product is unique because it is created at the intersection of software, hardware and content, it also offers convenient access to the safe ecosystem of educational and entertainment services of CINEMOOD OS. Besides the pre-set library of carefully restored soviet slide films, kind animations of "Souzmultfilm", modern cartoons selected by the specialists in the field of children education and development, and Shadow Show to develop fine motor skills, on-line services function on the platform: "MULT", ivi, "Megafon.TV", "Yandex.Music", "Child radio" and others.

Now, tens of thousands families use CINEMOOD all over the world. The product is demanded not only because of the unique selling proposition, but also because it touches emotional side and solves vital problems of the parents.

"We create the product that causes chills. From watching slide films on the ceiling by the whole family, from emotional association with the children and establishing new family rituals. With the help of CINEMOOD, parents broadcast values on which they grown up — through slide films and kind soviet cartoons. And all this is in absolutely new format, interesting to the current generation — projecting directly on the wall or ceiling. Besides, CINEMOOD is the first device that a parent can give to a child without worries", Daria Mingalieva, founder of "MULTiKUBIK".

"Investments of the current round will be spent for increase of the production capacity to serve significantly increased demand and preparation of the base for further exponential growth in Russian and USA. By 2023, we plan to take significant share of Smart Home market. The company has a purpose to grow to 1 million users by 2023 on the market of Russia, USA, India and China. Each financing round makes it possible to exponentially speed up company growth", Pavel Zhuravlev, investment director and head of the American office reported.

From the first round — 150 million rubles from IIDF in January 2017 — MULTiKUBIK revenue from the definite services grew by 22 times. In 2018, the company successfully launched some new products on the Russian market: MULTiKUBIK in partnership with a leader of children TV in Russia MULT channel and "Kinokubik ivi" together with the biggest on-line cinema of the country. Besides, content offer on the CINEMOOD OS platform was extended from 500 cartoons to 60 thousand films and 120 TV channels. Based on the users requests, CINEMOOD OS platform included slide films voiced by the theatre and cinema actors. Disney, Netflix, Amazon Prime and AmebaTV are launched on the digital platform of the American product CINEMOOD White.

"MULTiKUBIK" provides high quality solution that is at the junction of hardware, software and content. We are convinced that the project that has world-class team and high quality product will become one of the leaders in a new fast growing niche. And we are glad that RBF Ventures is among the participants of the perspective company with international potential and global ambitions. Round investments will be spent to increase sales volume in both Russia and USA, and to develop new product version as well as to reduce "cube" cost. To our mind, work on price reduction will have key meaning for the consumers and can exponentially increase available market share", Mikhail Fedotov, member of the management board of RVC, managing partner of RBF Ventures notices.

"CINEMOOD has a strong team with a perfect product: a "cube" becomes a favourite "friend" for children by just appearing in the family, an assistant for the parents that trust to the selected content. Thanks to a quickly and high-quality sales channel, the team was able to demonstrate double growth without the investments for the last year. New round for international expansion is a new possibility for growth. In the USA, 40 million children from 1 to 9 and their parents are ready to pay not only for electronics, but for the content and subscription streaming services. Such business models make it possible to count on a $1 billion market", Nikita Yuriev, investment manager at IIDF reported.


"MULTiKUBIK" (known on the international market as CINEMOOD) is a company founded in 2014 in Russia. Company mission is to offer to the modern parents high quality and useful way to spend time together with a child, by creating the products for safe diving of the growing generation to the digital world. Products ecosystem of the company include family portable projectors with included subscriptions for content of CINEMOOD "MULTiKUBIK" and CINEMOOD "MULTiKUBIK ivi". Besides the extensive library of licensed content, the company also repairs and produces slide films and training videos for children development.

Russian and Belorussian venture investment fund RBF Ventures is set up in December 2016. Its size is 1.4 billion rubles. Fund investors are Belorussian Innovation Fund (Belinfond), RVC and RVC Infrafund that, at the first stage, invested 50%, 49% and 1% correspondingly. Authorized managing mate of the Russian and Belorussian venture investment fund is "RVC Infrafund" LLC, managing mate — Belorussian innovation fund.

Internet Initiative Development Fund (IIDF) is a Russian venture investment fund. The fund financed about 300+ start-ups, several dozens of the companies invested work on the international market. It is included in the number of the most active venture funds of Europe by the number of transactions. It invests of the Russian technological companies on the early development stages from 2.5 to 324 million rubles.

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