"National BioService" opened a bank of biological materials in Sochi


On November 15, the Biofund's portfolio company of the RVC National BioService opened the NBS-YUG biobank on the basis of the Research Institute of Medical Primatology of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia. The event became an important stage in the implementation of the Biobank-5 Platform project, which was previously approved by the interdepartmental working group on the implementation of the National Technology Initiative under the Government Commission on Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia.

With the help of additional state support, the NBS plans to create and scale a network of biobanks for tissues, cell lines and other research products in five Russian regions.

“The created biobanks will allow more medical and research institutions of the Southern Federal District to gain access to advanced technologies and diagnostic methods, including the early, most common oncological diseases, which is especially important in connection with the development of personalized treatment methods in clinical oncology. The role of the Research Institute of Medical Primatology is difficult to overestimate, since this institute will become one of the most important links in many scientific projects on this subject, ”said NBS Director General Vitaly Prutzky.

NBS-Yug is the fourth regional biobank, its analogues work in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow. All of these laboratories have unique equipment for Russia and specially trained personnel, which allows for a biochemical or genetic analysis of any complexity and almost any sample.

National BioService offers a wide range of services in the field of search, processing, analysis and storage of biological samples, as well as in the development of research products and materials based on cellular and tissue technologies that are of fundamental importance for the development of drugs and new diagnostic approaches.

“Biobanks contribute to the study of diseases, the causes of which have not yet been fully identified, and the invention of new drugs necessary for the effective treatment of many diseases,” commented Anton Vasiliev, Chief Investment Officer of the RVC Infrafund, the managing organization of the RVC Biofund. — Our portfolio company was the first organization to open a commercial biobank in Russia. During the five years of its existence, over 250 successfully completed projects have been on its account, thousands of bio-samples in the field of oncology, hematology and rheumatology. And “NBS” is still the only domestic developer and manufacturer of tissue microchips, the appearance of which allowed it to almost halve the cost of research and speed up their implementation. ”

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