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RVC invites the venture market participants to establish new funds


As part of its investment strategy renewal, RVC presented the proposal of establishing new venture funds for professional investors and administration teams.

Administration teams will have an opportunity to establish Russian venture funds mutually with RVC in five main categories: classical venture funds, the National Technology Initiative (NTI) supporting funds, late stages funds, funds for young managers and corporate venture funds.

For this, administration companies should apply to RVC with a fund presentation for potential investors, its investment strategy, financial parameters and a summary of the team experience. RVC will also be conducting open competitions with the involvement of independent experts to recruit administration companies for its funds.

Apart from the selection procedure, it is the first time when the RVC investment proposal sets the unified requirements for administration companies and specific fund categories. In particular, the parameters for RVC participation have been set. To be more specific, RVC is ready to invest up to 250 mln rubles with its share of no more than 25%, and up to 1 bln rubles and 10% respectively to corporate funds. RVC commitment for late stages funds and NTI supporting funds will be up to 1.5 bln with shares of 20% and 50% respectively.

According to the up-to-date requirements, an administration company should participate in the fund's capital with a share of at least 1%, this value is increased up to 5-10% for young teams.

Commercial co-investors must be among the fund's members. Their minimal share in the fund's capital varies from 30% for classic and NTI funds and up to 50% for funds for young managers.

"Releasing this open offer for managers, we continue to renew the investment strategy of RVC which is to systematize and clarify the procedure of administration teams selection and funds establishment and to improve efficiency and returns of investment transactions. Following our strategy we are planning to establish up to 10 new funds with RVC capital participation" commented Alexey Basov, Deputy Director General – Investment Director of RVC.

RVC has the right to appoint its own representative to the investment committees of funds in order to ensure high quality of corporate management.

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