A graduate of GenerationS to receive a grant from NTI worth RUB 244M



The interdepartmental working group under the presidium of the Council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development approved a grant of 244 million rubles for the implementation of SKYF project, which is an unmanned aerial carrier platform for cargo transportation and agricultural aviation. Grant is to be awarded as part of the AeroNet roadmap of the National Technological Initiative. The protocol on the grant approval was registered with the Russian Venture Company on Friday, 6 October.

The project is implemented by OKB Aviaresheniya, a graduate of GenerationS-2014 Industrial track. Grant funds will be spent for the development of an unmanned aerial cargo platform for vertical take-off and landing and launch of small-scale production. At the first stage, which is the first three years, the company will continue to develop the platform, adapt it for the needs of agriculture and finalize logistics tasks. A pilot implementation with the specified key performance indicators is planned as well: an area of several thousand hectares is subject to treatment and dozens of flights have to be made. The second stage is the launch of batch production.

“We have been participating in Aeronet's working group from the very beginning. This contributed to the accelerated development of the SKYF project. While preparing documents for the NTI grant, we passed several expert appraisal levels, considered a lot of comments and expert opinions, which made our project more systemic. NTI’s grant will enable us to move much faster by launching several processes in parallel with each other. Without NTI’s support, our work would have been slower," said Ilya Rodin, a partner of the FPI venture fund, which is the investor of SKYF project.

“The National Technology Initiative was created to ensure the leadership of Russian companies in the emerging global markets of the future. When choosing projects for support, we give preference to those which have not only a profound business model and a new technological solution but also a special vision which enables them to claim its rightful place in these new markets. Engineering company OKB Aviaresheniya, developer of SKYF aerial cargo platform, has such a vision. The team is working on a platform product which can be used as a basis to produce unmanned aerial vehicles of very different modifications to solve different tasks. With the lapse of time, the company can gain a considerable share in a number of markets, from agriculture to logistics and stimulation of precipitation,” commented Alexander Povalko, the General Director of RVC.

Currently, SKYF platform has no competitors among unmanned aerial vehicles which would be comparable in price and performance. At present, the carrying capacity of the platform is up to 250 kg, the flight range is up to 350 km (with the carrying capacity of 50 kg), flight duration is up to 8 hours (with the carrying capacity of 50 kg). Thanks to separation of lift and control rotors’ functions, it can directly use energy of the internal combustion engine without the expensive electric circuit of the serial hybrid, which significantly reduces the vehicle cost and makes it possible to introduce the technology of high-capacity unmanned vehicles on large scale. According to the developers, the technology of cargo delivery by heavy drones is becoming a promising service which can be in demand in various areas — in agriculture and logistics, for fighting fires, instrumental control, pipeline flaw detection and dozens of other applications.

GenerationS-2017 selects start-ups in the sphere of agriculture and medicine (Agro&MedTech); new media, fashion, design and entertainment (Creative); power engineering (Power & Energy); banking and financial services (FinTech); metals processing, mining machinery and raw material quality management (Mining & Metals); smart production and systems implementation (TechNet); dual-purpose projects (Dual Technologies).

Projects are selected for the benefit of partner companies which are potential customers of products and organizers of acceleration programs. PJSC “Vympelcom”, PJSC “ODK-Saturn”, EFKO Group, Faberlic, “STS Media”, NMGK Group, RT “Business Development”, JSC "Voentelecom", JSC "Roselectronica" have already become partners of GenerationS-2017.

The superfinal of GenerationS will be held in April 2018. The winners will share the prize fund of 15 million rubles, receive prizes from partners, and will also have an opportunity to continue working with industrial partners and raise investments for the development and finalization of their products.

Detailed information about the schedule of forthcoming events held by the regional partners can be found on GenerationS website. To become a member of GenerationS-2017, follow the link to register.

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