VI RVC Investment Forum is summarized

VI RVC Investment Forum is summarized

VI RVC Investment Forum: future of venture market that was held on March 27, 2017 in Moscow is summarized. This new format of the RVC Partner Conference that is held annually from 2012 and is a venue where investors, innovators, representatives of venture funds, technology companies and big business enterprises can meet.

This year, the event was completely focused on the role of RVC as a fund of funds and gathered more than 400 participants in Lotte Hotel Plaza and about 1,000 online participants.

In the welcome speech to the forum participants, RVC CEO Alexander Povalko told of RVC tasks as a fund of funds and development institution, perspectives of interaction with the foreign partners. Results of the Money Tree 2016 research prepared by RVC together with PwC Technology and Innovation Center were presented at the forum. Total number of the concluded venture transactions in 2016 remained on the same level (184 transactions in 2016 against 180 in 2015). And market volume in dollar equivalent decreased to 165.2 million USD comparing to 232.6 million USD in 2015.

Do the pension funds need to invest in the market of direct and venture investments? This question was suggested to the participants of the discussion “Perspectives of involvement of the pension funds in the venture market” held at the RVC Investment forum, by the moderator, Managing Director of Prostor Capital Alexey Solovjov.

How to attract private investors to the venture a fund, this question was discussed by the participants of “Practice of involvement of LP capital in the venture capital”.

VI RVC Investment Forum finished with analysis of the successful investment transactions and exits of the previous year where RBV Capital, Leader, In Venture Partners, SBVK presented their cases. Special interest was attracted by the case of foreign investors: RetroSense Therapeutics.

Kenneth Kuski, American business angel from BlueWater Angels participated in the discussion: “Biotechnology company RetroSense Therapeutics invented how to use weed gene to cure eye degenerative disorder. This is the first case when “non-human” gene is really used in “human” therapy. We found this project when it was on the idea stage. There came up a question of how to attract enough investments to support this sophisticated and risky startup. We needed not only money, but knowledge as well. We managed to attract Russian partners — RBV Capital fund. The team had knowledge in gene therapy and ophthalmology — this is a rare combination and big luck. We also attracted a group of experts from Japan.”

Alexey Konov, RBV Capital: “We learned a lot of things with this project. And we understood that our habitual approach to transaction estimation wouldn't work here. I am very happy that I got to the RetroSense office after the transaction was made. The office was a small room in the almost abandoned tech park where a single man sat at the computer. That's all. In our opinion, it was a fly-by-night company. But at the end the company was sold for half a billion dollars.”

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