In 2016, the business-angel investment market grew by 30%

In 2016, the business-angel investment market grew by 30%

Firrma supported by RVC and the National Association of Business Angels (NABA) present the annual ranking of business angels.

According to the study, a growth of 30% was recorded on the market of business-angel investment in 2016. An increase in the number of transactions and in the number of active business angels in Russia has been observed since 2015. According to the compilers of the rating, due to the liquidity crisis, investors tend to invest free funds not in traditional assets, rather in technology projects that can bring the best return in the future.

The rating includes professional investors who regularly make transactions and for whom venture capital investment is the main business and work. In addition, at least two transactions of a business angel over a year should be confirmed by public information.

Alexander Rumyantsev, who has made 11 transactions (confirmed by public information) over the year, took the first place in the selection of the most active business angels during this period. The 2015 ranking leader, Alexander Borodich, made eight confirmed transactions in 2016 and took second place. Boris Zhilin took the third place in the ranking with his four confirmed transactions.

In 2016, the activity on the market of business-angel investment by known IT entrepreneurs increased. Thus, the founder of Yandex Arkady Volozh invested in the Israeli project NeuroSteer and in the Turkish Getir. The founder of KUPI VIP Oscar Hartman has its own portfolio of investments, he is also an LP (limited partner) in at least one venture fund Simile Ventures. The QIWI co-founder Sergey Solomin, according to the study, acts as LP in several funds, not associated with QIWI, and is an active private investor. In addition, major entrepreneurs not relating to the IT industry are acting on the venture capital market as business angels.

One of the trends in 2016 was the gradual "change of generations". Almost half of the participants of the rating this year are new names in the business angel investment. A number of business angels that has long been present on the venture capital market either moved away from active investing, or organized their own funds, in particular Igor Ryaben'kii has founded AltaIR Capital Fund, and Pavel Cherkashin - Vestor. In.

"The emergence of new business angels and increase the number of transactions is an important indicator of the organic development of venture capital market and the innovation ecosystem. In particular, this trend should have a positive impact on the development of technological projects up to the later stages and become the beginning of a new wave of large-scale transactions in the future," commented Acting General Director of RVC Evgeniy Kuznetsov on the results of the rating.
According to the study, the associations of business angels such as NABA, Venture Club, Club of investors LNA Skolkovo, SmartHub, StartTrack, Altair Club and others continue to evolve. Association of business angels facilitate the exchange of experience and the growth of expertise and competencies of the participants, the division of risks and an increase in the number of transactions.

Despite the fact that among the private investors, there is a tendency to publicity, the whole business angel investment market remains relatively closed. As many as 105 public business-angel transactions out of 250 were personalized in 2016.

Top 10 of the most active business angels in Russia:

1. Alexander Rumyantsev - 11 confirmed transactions
2. Alexander Borodich - 8 confirmed transactions
3. Boris Zhilin - 4 confirmed transactions
4. Bogdan Yarovoy - 4 confirmed transactions
5. Yuliy Zegelman - 3 confirmed transactions
6. Oleg Tcheltsov - 3 confirmed transactions
7. Igor Matzanyuk - 3 confirmed transactions
8. Sergey Solonin - 3 confirmed transactions
9. Oleg Evseenkov - 2 confirmed transactions
10. Eduard Fiyaksel - 2 confirmed transactions

Entrepreneurs investing in their companies, stock investors, multimillionaires, patrons and people who support the projects based on their altruistic beliefs did not participate in the ranking.

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