Oleg Fomichev: Appointed General Director RVC is Alexander Povalko


On 23 December 2016, a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of RVC was held under the leadership of its Chairman - Deputy Minister of Economic Development Oleg Fomichev; during this meeting, the Order of the General Meeting of shareholders was announced on the appointment of Alexander Povalko CEO and Chairman of the company.

«RVC has a serious goal to work out a new development strategy based on the following key points. Firstly, as a project office, RVC should bring support mechanisms and the implementation of the National Technology Initiative to the full-scale deployment and operational capacity. Secondly, it is necessary to continue the integration of RVC and Skolkovo Foundation, especially in terms of venture financing Skolkovo projects», said Oleg Fomichev. «Even now the work is being under way to create three joint venture funds of not less than 2 billion rubles each. Thirdly, RVC needs to focus on creating in Russia of a turnkey venture ecosystem, forming the necessary financing funds and replicating the best models of the interaction of market participants.»

According to him, Alexander Povalko has the necessary experience, competence and management baggage to promote RVC to a new stage of development, as he not only supervised the topic of innovation development in the Ministry of Education of Russia, but also was a member of the Board of Directors of RVC, and therefore, he can as soon as possible begin to address the tasks assigned to the company.

From 2012 to 2016, Alexander Povalko served as Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation was responsible for the development and implementation of public policies in science, technology, innovation and education. From 2008 to 2012, he was the deputy head of the Russian State Committee for Youth Affairs, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. From 2007 to 2008, he served as director of strategic planning department at Renova Stroy Group CJSC. He graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute named after Ordzhonikidze with a degree in Radio Engineering, as well as State University named after Maimonides with a degree in Applied Mathematics.


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