"Open doors in corporations" in INVITRO

"Open doors in corporations" in INVITRO On 2 December 2016, specialists and managers in the field of innovation management in Russian companies visited the laboratory complex of the largest private medical company in Russia - INVITRO. The event was held within the framework of the joint project of RVC and iRDclub “Open doors in corporations.”

During the event, the participants of the meeting discussed the technological trends in medicine, the role of innovation and the latest developments in improving the quality of medical services and laboratory diagnosis. They also touched upon the issues of management and innovation marketing.

The participants underwent a preventive examination, met with one of the most advanced laboratories in Russia. The purpose of the INVITRO innovative development, including laboratory diagnosis, is to minimize research errors, ideally — a zero deviation from standards. A significant part of the errors occurs before the sample enters the lab. It is for this stage, the company has developed a number of procedures, in particular, regulated training of patients, the automation of processes to maximize the elimination of the human factor, quality control of sampling and temperature changes during transportation. At the analytical stage, the percentage of errors is minimal, since there is practically no human factor involved.

General Director of INVITRO Sergei Ambrosov shared his vision for the future development of the health sector. Thus, one of the obvious trends in medicine, especially in the diagnosis of diseases, it is to transfer it to the patient's home. Despite the fact that there are no sufficiently advanced technology for the realization of this yet, with the advent of new technological solutions the trend will gain momentum. INVITRO, for example, has already tested drones for the delivery of biomaterial to the laboratory.

Dmitry Fadin, a member of the strategy committee of the group of companies INVITRO, described in detail how the company manages innovation. Therefore, INVITRO works in two directions in the market of innovation: on the one hand, it provides innovation, on the other - it absorbs it. The INVITRO's areas of interests include technologies in mobile health, IT, education, logistics, and new diagnostic technologies. There is a system of a unified window being developed now, which will be a single point of entry in the company for innovators. In addition, INVITRO has established cooperation with accelerators, development institutions and diverse technological hubs.

"For us, it is important that people who come to us in our medical offices to hand over analyses, understand that dealing with ordinary employees in our service offices, they touched some certain "concept car", an ideology, the future of medical science, which we want to personalize", said Director for Corporate Communications at INVITRO Anton Bulanov.

The spread of the use of open innovation tools in the enterprise is one of the tasks of RVC within the framework of development of the venture capital market infrastructure. To solve this problem, there are several projects to work with the business community:

For the exchange of experience among Russian companies, RVC is carrying out the project "Open doors in corporations," which is a series of five specialized events in the form of open days, which take place on the basis of leading Russian and international private companies. Within the framework of the project, the participants will have an opportunity to gain experience in corporate venture capital management from leading Russian experts and foreign practice. In 2016, an educational program "Open innovation and corporate venture capital instruments" is carried out, which allows you to get comprehensive knowledge of the venture market and analyse in practice the experience of innovation management as a result of the specific profile of innovative projects. For corporations, to present new technological trends and ensure effective dialogue between companies and entrepreneurs, RVC launched a series of industry events Tech Days. RVC is also annually conducts the Moscow Corporate Venture Summit, the only current event in Russia, which is entirely devoted to the subject of corporate venture investments.

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