Saturn PJSC holds a face-to-face part of the TechNet track program of the GenerationS corporate accelerator

Saturn PJSC holds a face-to-face part of the TechNet track program of the GenerationS corporate accelerator

On 8 December 2016, at the training centre of SPA Saturn PJSC, opened of the face-to-face part of the TechNet Corporate Accelerator program of the RVC GenerationS. IPPT SpbPU and StartapSamara are the partners and operators of the acceleration programs. Saturn SPA is the industrial partner of GenerationS for the second consecutive year. This year, together with the working group formed by TechNet NTI, technology areas of the project selection were formed in which 593 applications were submitted before 15 October 2016, of which 201 applications — at the "Prototype" stage.

As a result of the examination, which was attended by technical specialists of Saturn PJSC, 42 projects were selected to participate on 19-21 November 2016 in the full-time session in the MIPT Technopark. Upon the results of the session, the companies, included in the working group TehNet, 15 projects were selected for the participation of acceleration programs in Rybinsk, and then in St. Petersburg on the base of IPPT SPbPU.

In the course of acceleration program, start-ups will create a value proposition for industrial partners to get feedback from the technical specialists of the company, to form on the "shop floor" a plan for the implementation of its technological developments in production processes of the enterprise. To develop entrepreneurial skills of start-ups, leading business experts will be involved, as well as coaches and serial technology entrepreneurs with extensive experience of successful projects in technological projects of varying complexity.

A member of the Board of Russian Venture Company Gulnara Bikkulova: "This project is part of a larger GenerationS federal program, under which we are working with local corporations for several years looking for interesting technology and they are doing pilot projects for putting these projects into production. Saturn PJSC — our partner for the second year. In 2016, Saturn became a member of a large federal initiative — NTI — and is a major driver of one of the working groups — TehNet. We hope that this year, together with Saturn, we will be able to receive projects that will form the basis of the "Factory of the Future" platform which will be used to improve the competitiveness of Russian enterprises."

Director for Innovative Development of Saturn PJSC Dmitry Ivanov: "Today in the Saturn Training Centre started the face-to-face program of acceleration of the federal competition of GenerationS technology start-ups — the TechNet track, which was organized with the support of the working group of the National TehNet technology initiative, which is the industrial partner of Saturn PJSC. The goal and the task of the acceleration program is to develop up to the level of sales and ready business those technological ideas and projects that we have gathered in the selection process over the year. Today, 15 teams with a variety of technological ideas came to the site of Saturn. Our task is to adapt them over a short period of time to the needs of Saturn to attract foreign investors to them, and further introduce into the Saturn's production. Here are some interesting projects of Saturn with different levels of readiness, each of them has to become familiar to us and we have to understand how they can be used in new development and production processes of our company."


About GenerationS
GenerationS is the largest accelerator of technology projects in Russia and Eastern Europe and the first federal platform for creating and developing corporate acceleration tool work. It has been held by RVC since 2013. Twelve accelerators have been conducted during this time.
GenerationS-2015 received 2,566 applications from 14 countries. As many as 141 projects were selected to participate in the corporate accelerators in seven directions. The customers and industrial partners of GenerationS became more than 20 Russian companies, in whose interests the selection and acceleration of projects were carried out. The total amount of prizes from the GenerationS-2015 partners reached 160 million rubles.

Scientific-Production Association Saturn, PJSC
Scientific-Production Association Saturn, PJSC — an engine-building company, specializing in developing, manufacturing and after-sales service of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aviation, power generation and gas pumping units, ships and vessels. SPA Saturn is part of United Engine Building Corporation (EBC) and is the parent company of the "Engines for civil aviation" Division — a business unit of EBC.
SPA Saturn is a member of the All-Russia Industrial Association of Employers Russian Engineering Union, the Yaroslavl regional branch of the Russian public organization Russian Engineering Union that is headed by the managing director of SPA Saturn V.A. Polyakov.

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