RVC and Skolkovo Foundation presented the Russian start-ups at the international Slush technology forum

RVC and Skolkovo Foundation presented the Russian start-ups at the international Slush technology forum

Skolkovo Foundation and Russian Venture Company (RVC) summed up the visit of the joint delegation of the two institutions in Helsinki (Finland) to participate in the Slush startup conference — the largest in Northern Europe (November 30 — December 1). The chairperson of the board of Skolkovo Foundation Igor Drozdov and Deputy General Director Gulnara Bikkulova RVC headed the joint delegation.

Skolkovo Foundation brought representatives of 47 member companies that have demonstrated their developments at the conference organized in the framework of the exhibition. Four Skolkovo companies were pre-selected by the organizers to participate in the competition of the best start-ups, and one of them - MarvelMind (resident of the Cluster for space technologies and telecommunications, it has been developing high-precision navigation systems indoors) — reached the semi-finals.

The representatives of Skolkovo Foundation and participating companies held a total of more than a hundred meetings with representatives of the international investment community, foreign technology parks and innovation centres, including the director of the Global Accelerator Network — International of acceleration programs, associations, representing more than 80 accelerators in more than 100 cities around the world.

The Itorum Company presented its solutions in industrial VR at a meeting with the investment director of Volvo Group Venture Capital.

Texel Portal with its virtual fitting room, allowing buying clothes without leaving home, aroused a particular interest of the public. During the two days of the conference, it has been scanned 569 people, 5,121 3D-photos have been sent, and 472 shared their 3D-pictures in social networks. The average number of people in line for scanning did not fall below 12 people. CNN, CNBC, and Yle TV1 have covered Texel Portal; the journalists of three European technology magazine interviewed the representatives of the company, more than 10 Periscope-broadcasts have been made by popular bloggers.

RVC presented to the international audience the developments of 11 teams alumni of the GenerationS technology start-ups accelerator. The outcome of the conference for them has become dozens of potential partners and several hundreds of contacts. The founders of the SmikTech project began talks with Nokia on the use of self-cleaning coating technology for electric vehicles, and Samsung members have become greatly interested in using this solution for household appliances. The Promobot team (also a resident of Skolkovo) has agreed with Finair on exploring the possibilities of using robotic consultants at Helsinki Airport, and discussed co-operation with Nokia and Toyota. The participants of the augmented reality project Piligrim XXI started elaboration of the implementation of their decision with the Asian construction companies, as well as European investors and venture capital funds in Europe and the United States. The founders of the Kera-Tech biotechnology company received recommendations on entering the Iranian market. The Samocat start-up sharing team has tested its system of small vehicles rental in Helsinki, met with representatives of the Department of the syndicate of business angels and accelerator urban projects.

Pekka Viljakainen, adviser to the president of Skolkovo Foundation:
"It is very rare when transactions are made directly at the forum. It is possible to see any real deals only after three or four months. However, this is the place for making good connections. We have about 50 companies, and I expect that each of them will have a chance to get a deal or an investment partner."

Vasily Belov, senior vice president for innovation of Skolkovo Foundation:
"I think the key result is not the participation in the tender, but the work program at the forum. This has already become part of our standard service to support companies in entering foreign markets. It attracts investors from Northern and Central Europe. There is a significant number of US venture capital funds, investors from China and Japan. We have presented here the first Russian three-dimensional bio-printer, a modular electricity storage system, a mobile helmet and a mobile virtual reality platform, a children's portable cinema and many other promising projects, which are perspective, including in terms of entering foreign markets."

Within the framework of the conference, Skolkovo Foundation and Russian Venture Company (RVC) announced the incorporation of a joint venture fund. The SLUSH participants — Igor Drozdov and Deputy General Director of RVC Gulnara Bikkulova told about it.

Igor Drozdov, Chairman of Skolkovo Foundation:
"We intend to create a new tool that will be called Skolkovo Ventures in partnership with RVC and with the use of SIEs, to name but a few. We expect private investors to join this initiative. The challenge is to attract investment in our start-ups. We have a large portfolio of projects, which is around 1.5 thousand companies. We are convinced that many of them have excellent prospects, and we are willing to invest in these projects."

Gulnara Bikkulova, Deputy General Director of RVC:
"As part of our joined Road Map with Skolkovo Foundation, we brought to Helsinki 11 teams — GenerationS alumni of previous years. The technology world is cooperative in nature. Start-ups, investors, and mentors from different countries meet in joint projects together and change traditional industries. Slush has an excellent infrastructure for the organization of such cooperation, and we are pleased that the GenerationS and Skolkovo start-ups received new opportunities to develop their business. In 2008, when Finland held the first SLUSH conference, there was no venture capital market in Russia. Nobody knew what a start-up was. Today, we see a large number of start-ups in Russia, entering foreign markets; every year, in Russia, there appear thousands of new start-up — companies. This is the result of joint activities of all Russian development institutes."

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