The best high-growing companies presented their projects to investors at the Seed Forum

The best high-growing companies presented their projects to investors at the Seed Forum

The 18th International Investment Forum — Seed Forum — was held On 1 December in Moscow. The Forum brings together thousands of funds and business angels all over the world and helps promising projects find their investors. Seed Forum is held in Moscow in partnership with the Moscow Exchange Group, RVC, and the Moscow Region Development Corporation. The head of the Moscow Exchange Denis Pryanichnikov and head of the Moscow Region Cluster Development Centre Alexander Komarov opened the Forum.

Participants of the best corporate tracks of the GenerationS accelerator as well as the regional finalists of acceleration programs conducted with the support of RVC and Fiztech XXI cluster members presented their projects at the Forum.

This year, the Seed Forum was attended by about 70 investors, representatives of venture capital funds and business angels from the following companies: VentureLink, Atlant Invest Management, Da Vinci Capital, Teytelman and partners, RMI Partners, Gordinvest, FasterCapital, EVA Invest, MALCON Finance, Veles Capital, ALOR INVEST, Maxfield Capital, SBI Holdings, Inc, Rietumu bank, and so on.

"It is not the first year as we support the preparation of our companies and their participation in the Forum. Several projects of the GenerationS participants have already participated in Russian and international Seed Forums earlier. For example, a member of the company GenerationS VisionLabs in 2013 — 2014 was trained in the LOGA Group & Seed Forum programs and successfully attracted funding with the capitalization of 1.4 billion rubles," noticed Deputy General Director of RVC and the ideologist of GenerationS Gulnara Bikkulova.

The residents of the Fiztech XXI cluster were invited to the Seed Forum in the format of a field session. For two days, the participants tackled the issues on business modelling, understanding the basic aspects of successful products and services, promotion, branding, understanding of actions on bringing developed products and services to the market with the participation of international experts and the experts of LOGA Group.

"We were pleased that we now have the opportunity to organize this field session together with LOGA Group, a co-founder of Seed Forum in Russia. Over the last two days of the Fiztech XXI cluster, the MIPT projects and Biofarmcluster Northern could learn about the latest global practices of business development, starting from business planning to sales and training of quality supply for investors", said the head of the centre of the cluster development of the Moscow region, Alexander Komarov.

"For the third year in a row the Moscow Exchange becomes a partner of the Forum. Over the recent years, we at LOGA Group & Seed Forum have been working with potential issuers. We know that the interaction with companies whose purpose is to place the shares on the stock exchange (IPO) is of great interest for the investors of venture stage. We hope that many participants of Seed Forum 2016 will find their investors and ensure the profitability of investors in the early stages of the IPO stage in the future", summed up the director and co-founder of the LOGA Group & Seed Forum in Russia Alexander Loktionov.

Participants of the Forum

  • Timebook is a company that has developed and brought to the market a high-tech solution for the automation of time and attendance of employees working in retail networks. Multiple contracts are signed with major retailers. The company is preparing for the next round of funding, followed by access to the industrial transaction or IPO within the next 3 — 4 years.
  • Taxigram. ru is one of the participants of GenerationS corporate accelerators. This service combines choices of taxi services, and other opportunities of car shearing to get about a modern city. Prospects of capitalization and industrial transaction within 3 years, or IPO within 5 years.
  • VR Place is one of the participants of GenerationS corporate accelerators. The company offers services to help increase sales with an excellent prospect of access to international markets and the Exit strategy in 3  — 5 years.
  • Car shearing offers an excellent investment opportunity for business angels and early stage funds. The service allows businesses to scale the operators of car shearing. The company is successfully testing the prospects of development in Russia and in the Asian markets.
  • Zen (Oracle) — the finalist of the StartupTravel program. The company develops and brings to the instrumental market a device determining the physical parameters of a person. This development has a number of advantages over similar products and excellent development prospects on the market.
  • Ibsen Coffee House — a start-up from Norway that successfully develops its business model in the European markets and considers developing a business in Russia.
  • Noxa-datalab offers a new approach to the management and storage of data. The product has distinct advantages over similar products and is represented in the fast-growing market. A member of the Fiztech XXI cluster.
  • Labtech offers breakthrough solutions, new technology determining the quality of products. The solution is being brought to the Russian and international markets. A member of the Fiztech XXI cluster.
  • SKYRIS was developed and is being brought to the market (it has a prototype and pre-orders) a new type of filters for photo and video equipment, which has a number of advantages over the conventional counterpart. The company offers an excellent investment opportunity for business angels and early stage funds. A member of the Fiztech XXI cluster.
  • GoPro (Laboratory of Autonomous Systems) — the company develops and markets a new generation of drones for underwater shooting. The company has good prospects to scale in the international markets. A member of the Fiztech XXI cluster.

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