The results of the National rating of fast-growing companies "TechUp 2016" are now announced.

The results of the National rating of fast-growing companies "TechUp 2016" are now announced.

On 7 December 2016 as part of the III Congress "Innovative practices: Science plus Business" the winners of the fifth annual national rating of Russian high-tech growth companies "TechUp-2016" were announced. According to the rating results, despite the economic crisis, the total revenue of technology "gazelles" has reached 222.3 billion rubles.

The "TechUp-2016" rating is organized by Russian Venture Company, in partnership with the HSE and PwC and has been held since 2012. Today, the rating is an authoritative and effective search tool for the monitoring and promotion of promising fast-growing technology companies, which in the future will play a key role in the development and modernization of the Russian technology industries. That is why, in 2016, "TechUp" was chosen as a base for the Economic Development priority project "Support for the private high-tech companies-leaders" ("National champions"), aimed at providing focused support to companies of various industries, with considerable potential gains of the domestic and foreign markets.

Private high-tech companies under the age of four can take part in the ranking, showing average annual revenue growth of at least 15% -20% over the last 5 years and with the amount of revenue in the last year from 120 million to 30 billion rubles. R & D costs in the company should be at least 5% over the past three years, and the costs of technological innovation — at least 10%. In addition, the share of new or significantly improved products should be at least 20-30% of the total revenues.

This year, the most successful companies (top 15) have been identified in four main categories: the largest (by revenue size), fast-growing (in terms of revenue growth), innovation (to be estimated: level of technology products, its innovation, intellectual property companies, as well as R & D expenditures and technological innovation) and in terms of exports.

The leader in the ranking by revenue was the leading independent operator of the federal telecom services in Russia ER-Telecom Holding JSC, whose revenue in 2015 amounted to 22,168.64 billion rubles.

An innovative company in the development and production of medical simulators Robots LLC Eidos-Medicine took the first place among the fastest growing companies: in 2010-2015, the company's revenue grew by a record 7,368% and amounted to 416,490,000 rubles

The top ten most innovative companies has been headed by Laboratory, LLC Computational Mechanics from St. Petersburg, which develops under the order of high-tech industrial companies solutions, equipment and products based on advanced digital technology.

The Russian manufacturer in the field of intelligent information processing and Linguistics Solutions Abi Production, LLC (ABBYY) entered the rankings and became the leader in terms of exports for the first time. The company's share of exports — is more than 90% in the period from 2013 to 2015.

Pharmaceutical company Biocad for the second year in a row won the overall ranking on the aggregate results: the revenue in 2015 reached 9 billion rubles and the revenue growth for 2010-2015 increased by 37%. According to the final analysis of the data provided by rating participants, the total revenue of technology "gazelles" amounted to 222.3 billion rubles. Their total expenditure on technical innovations have exceeded 54 billion rubles, and for research and development — 34 billion rubles. On average, every company spends on technical innovation 24% of its revenue. The share of R & D expenditures is 15% of the annual turnover. The average age of the companies amounted to 22 years, and the average number of employees reached almost 700 people.

The sectoral structure of the rating participants have not changed significantly compared to the previous year. More than 50% of the rating are mechanical engineering, electronics and instrumentation, and industrial equipment. The amount of revenues of these companies amounted to 131.492 billion rubles in 2015. The second in yield became companies specializing in information technology — their total amount of revenue amounted to more than 44 billion rubles, the revenue growth has exceeded 36% over the last 5 years.

Around 67% of companies were the participants of the foreign economic activity. The average share of exports reached 20%.

During preparation for the rating, a survey was conducted and in-depth interviews with participating CEOs of the "TechUp" rating, organized by the Institute for Innovation Management NRU "Higher School of Economics." The results of the study revealed the factors of success of the participating companies, the main obstacles to development, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of various forms of state support for technological business in Russia.

Most of the surveyed companies reported a positive assessment of their development over the previous years. The financial condition of their companies, the largest proportion of respondents (60%) is considered as satisfactory, with a tendency to improve over the past year. Despite the economic crisis, the rating participants in 2015 were able to increase their investment activity.

Companies carry out active innovation activity, and see this as a guarantee of their competitiveness. Most of them (63%) bring new products to the market each year. More than half (62%) of them have a strong belief that the products manufactured by them today are comparable to the best foreign samples.

In 2015, 46% of the companies showed export growth rates. On average, exports have increased by 41%, while a quarter of companies have increased it by more than twice. The main market of exports continues to be the countries of the former USSR (77%), but the share of exporters operating in other countries (64% in developed countries and 46% in developing countries) is growing.

Most often, as the most important resources that may be needed for the winning in the world market, companies name the receipt of orders from large foreign (45%) and Russian (39%) companies, the attraction of qualified technicians (37%), receipt of public procurement for R & D (34%) and obtaining of certificates for foreign products (32%).

"Thanks to the rating, it is carried out not only a thorough analysis of Russian-growing high-tech companies, but also by obtaining a representative basis, the effectiveness of support measures and processes of technological development of the Russian economy are monitored", commented State Secretary — Deputy Minister of Economic Development Oleg Fomichev on the results of the rating. "The "National champions" project will create for the selected companies the conditions for the timely receipt of the existing forms of government support. Now we are working on a whole set of supporting tools for medium-sized companies with prospects in new markets."

"Formation of a base on the rating of "TechUp" for the Economic Development priority project "National champions" illustrates a high level of confidence in our company selection process," said Acting General Director of RVC Evgeny Kuznetsov. “Emerging technology companies today have become the most important driver of the economy. Additional state support, obtained due to the project of the Ministry of Economic Development can greatly expedite their development to the level of significant players in the world markets."

"Our study, conducted on the basis of the rating "TechUp" confirms that its members are consistent with the letter and spirit of the priority of the "National Champions" project of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia: they set their immediate goal to maintain the high growth rates, the creation of innovative products and expansion into the global market," said the director of the Institute of Innovation Management Dan Medovnikov. — Russia's entering the number of countries which have launched a program to support their national champions took place thanks to a five-year experience rating "TechUp"; we are not far behind."


Top Five companies in the 'large' category (revenues of more than 2 billion rubles.)
1. Biocad, CJSC
2. Kalashnikov Concern, JSC
3. GC InfoTeKS
4. Radio Engineering Institute named after Academician A.L. Mints, JSC
5. NPF Micran, JSC

Top Five companies in the 'medium' category (revenue from 800 million to 2 billion rubles.)
1. Tehnocomplexs Inertial Technology JSC
2. Abi Production LLC (ABBYY)
3. Perm Chemical Company, LLC
4. Technology of medicines, LLC
5. NPO Special Materials, JSC

Top Five Companies in the 'small' category (revenues up to 800 million rubles.)
1. Promtehnologiya, LLC
2. Eidos-Medicine, LLC
3. Laser Systems, LLC
4. Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC

Top 10 companies of "TechUp" by revenue:
1. ER-Telecom Holding, JSC
2. Radio Engineering Institute named after Academician A.L. Mints, JSC
5. Kalashnikov Concern, JSC
6. Mikron, JSC
8. Saransk Television Plant, JSC
9. GC IT
10. SDPC Iskra, PJSC

Top 10 companies of "TechUp" in terms of growth:
1. Eidos-Medicine, LLC
2. Altay Factory of Precision Products, LLC
4. Aviation Casting, LLC
5. SDN-video, LLC
6. Inversion Sensor, LLC
7. Satellite Innovation, LLC
9. AltEnergo, LLC
10. Promtehnologiya, LLC

Top 10 companies of "TechUp" by innovation:
1. Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC
2. GC InfoTeKS
3. T-Platforms, JSC
4. AbiProduction, LLC (ABBYY)
5. Laser Systems, LLC
6. GC Medical Technology
7. Obninsk SPE Technology named after A.G. Romashina, CJSC
8. Bakor, CJSC
9. Diakont, JSC
10. Orion Medic, JSC

Top 10 companies of "TechUp" by the level of exports:
1. AbiProduction, LLC (ABBYY)
2. Perm Chemical Company, LLC
3. GDCServices, LLC
4. Tradition, Research and Production Group LLC
5. SimbirSoft, LLC
6. SKTB catalyst, JSC
7. Argus-spectrum, LLC
8. Neurosoft, LLC
9. Diakont, JSC
10. T-Platforms, JSC

For more information on the "TechUp 2016” research and rankings, follow this link.

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