The VI All-Russian Contest of Innovation Journalism 'Tech in Media 2016' closes its doors in Moscow

The VI All-Russian Contest of Innovation Journalism 'Tech in Media 2016' closes its doors in Moscow

26.10.2016, Moscow. The results of the Tech in Media 2016 competition were summed up at the "Open Innovations" Forum in Skolkovo, organized by RVC. The authors of the best works on innovation and technology, advanced manufacturing, unmanned transport, life sciences, the Internet of things and small ingenuity were awarded gifts and certificates for cash prizes.

More than 300 works were submitted for participation in five thematic stages of the competition. The works were distributed by four categories of each stage: "The best publication or series of publications in the federal printed media", "The best publication or series of publications in the regional print media", "The best publication or series of publications in online media", "The best program, TV or radio spot." At each topical stage, the journalistic works underwent double assessment - by the expert council and a competent jury, so the winners were only the best works, complying with the goals and objectives of the competition.

In 2010, establishing the competition "Innovations through the eyes of journalists," we identified its main objectives — it should encourage journalists and media to cover innovations, science and technology, and most importantly — attract the attention of the widest public as to the issues of technological development of our country. Today, after almost six years, we can definitely say that we, together with the competition, turning into Tech in Media in 2014, continue to confidently achieve goals. I am confident that the competition will continue to bring benefit to the domestic scientific community," said Alexander Potapov, the Chairman of the Jury, Deputy General Director — Executive Director, a Member of the Board of RVC, JSC.


About Tech in Media

Tech in Media — the annual All-Russian Professional Competition for Media established by Russian Venture Company, JSC in 2011 (prior to 2014, the competition was called "Innovations through the eyes of journalists"). The Tech in Media Competition is dedicated to journalism, science, technology and innovation. Among the objectives of the competition is stimulating the activity of journalists and media involved in covering innovation, science and technology in Russia, promoting the formation of the community of journalists covering the topic of innovation, science and technology, development of professional competence of journalists in matters of innovative development, the formation of the editorial guidelines — reference content samples.

The 2016 competition includes five thematic stages: "Advanced Manufacturing", "Unmanned Vehicles", "Life Science", "Makering" and "Internet of Things". Within each phase, the Jury will evaluate the individual author's works on the relevant topics of the competition stages.

To participate in Tech in Media, there have been invited professional journalists, staff and freelancers, as well as registered central and regional mass media - TV, radio, print media with any periodicity, Internet media, Internet TV stations, issued by universities' media and Internet blogs. Applications for participation in the competition are accepted in electronic form from 1 June 2016 until the end of the reception of works at the selected stage. The procedure of submission of works in each category is described on the official website of the Competition:

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