RVC funds became winners of the "Venture Investor" 2016 National Award

RVC funds became winners of the "Venture Investor" 2016 National Award

On October 26, a solemn ceremony of the annual national award "Venture Investor" in 2016 was held within the framework of the Moscow International Forum of Innovative Development "Open Innovations". Two funds with the participation of the RVC capital were awarded — Seed Fund and "Bioprocess of Capital Ventures".

RVC Seed Fund was awarded in the category "Best investor of the seed stage." The winner was determined among those funds that had the highest number of invested companies at the seed stage and with the largest total amount of investments.

The Chairman of the Board of the Moscow Stock Exchange Alexander Afanasyev, presenting the award to Alexei Teleshev, the director of RVC Seed Fund, noted that "[I am] very grateful to seed funds, which invest in this very stage risky and necessary for the market participants, because the unsuccessful going through the seed stage means that the company will simply cease to exist."

The closed-end investment fund of high-risk (venture) investments "Bioprocess Capital Ventures" was awarded a diploma in the nomination "the best investor in the real sector." The winner was being determined by four criteria: the largest number of invested "non-IT" companies, the largest total amount of investments in "non-IT" companies, the largest number of transactions on exits from "non-IT" companies and the largest total volume of exits from "non-IT" companies. The data were supposed to be relevant at the end of 2015.

The CEO of the "Bioprocess Capital Ventures" Fund Vladimir Tesov received the award from the hands of a member of the jury, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Oleg Fomichev. Receiving the award, he thanked the organizers of the award for a high appreciation of the Fund.

The "Venture Inverstor" National Award was established by the Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) and RVC in 2014 and is awarded to the leaders of the Russian venture industry — funds, demonstrating the high class and culture investment activities, establishing professional standards of business practices and identifying the key trends in the development of the domestic venture capital industry.

Selection of candidates for the Award was held in two stages. At the first stage, 76 funds with the best performance indicators in the number and volume of transactions and exits were selected out of more than 220 venture capital funds that are active in Russia, based on statistical data of the Market Review of direct and venture investments in 2015.

Next, on the basis of absentee voting of the Jury, which includes the RF Presidential Aide Andrei Fursenko, Deputy Minister of Economic Development Oleg Fomichev, Managing Partner of Almaz Capital Partners Alexander Galitskiy and other experts, was formed a short-list of nominees of 23 funds. Then, within the framework of the in-person meeting of the Jury, the Prize Winners were selected in 10 nominations.

This award is a kind of venture capital market monitoring when the participants of the industry, professional venture investors vote for what they think is important. Many of the deals that were heard, may not be very well known to the general public, but from the point of view of the investment community, they set the industry standards and best practices of investment," said Deputy General Director, a Member of the Board of RVC Gulnara Bikkulova.

The winners of the "Venture Investor" National Award in 2016 were also:
 — In the category: "The Best Deal at the Early Stage" — I2BF Global Ventures, the Aerokso deal;
 — In the category: "Discovery of the Year" — Emery Capital;
 — In the category: "The Best Exit" — Softline Venture Partners, the deal ;
 — In the category: "The Best Investor in the Region", the Foundation for Development of Internet Initiatives;
 — In the category: "The Best Venture Syndicated Transaction" — Almaz Capital and Baring Vostok Private Equity Supplemental Fund V, the CarPrice deal
 — In the category: "Smart Money" — Almaz Capital
 — In the category: "Person of the Year" — Igor R. Agamirzian
 — the best venture investor was recognized the Runa Capital Fund.

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