The "Open Innovations" Forum finishes its work


From 26 to 28 October 2016 in Skolkovo Technopark in the area of 96 thousand sq. m, the V annual "Open Innovations" Forum was held. This event, which is very important for the development of Russian innovation ecosystem, was attended by over 13,500 people from 99 countries, more than 2,000 representatives of corporations, 4,000 of start-ups, about 300 investors and more than 650 journalists. More than 500 speakers took part in 150 interactive sessions.

The main topic of the Forum this year were "Technology growth" and its main character — a technological entrepreneur, the central figure of the innovation economy. Technopark Skolkovo for three days turned into a place for the technology entrepreneurs to look for partners, associates and investors, where they participated in free discussions and exchanged experiences.

The success of the Forum is confirmed by the number of conducted meetings and reached agreements: more than 40 partnership agreements were signed. For these three days of the Forum, more than 2,000 meetings were organized through the MatchMaking Meeting Appointment Service and through the EY Business Contacts Matchmaking.

Dmitry Medvedev, the chairman of the Russian Government: "This year, the venue of the Forum is Technopark Skolkovo — the largest in Europe. It is a vivid example of a successful start-up, which now helps implement interesting projects and generate original ideas. A unique ambiance of joint research and the pursuit of new knowledge is created here".

Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation: "This Forum brought together people who make and create the future."

A distinctive characteristic of this year's Forum was holding the first exhibition of EAEC "Eurasian Week" on the Forum site with the cross-cutting topic "EAEC on the global innovation agenda." The Forum was also attended by Ofir Akunis, the Minister of Science, Art and Space of Israel, and Dr. Koh Poh Kun, the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Singapore.

Israel acted as a state — partner of "Open Innovations 2016". Science and technology have a leading position in the economy of this country, which takes the 4th place in the world in the field of scientific activity. This was discussed at the session "Start-up Nation", or Business In Israel: about the transfer of best practices."

Viktor Vekselberg, President of Skolkovo Foundation: "Over the past three days, Innovation Centre Skolkovo for the first time in history was hosting the Russia's largest Forum dedicated to the development of technological entrepreneurship. For me, the main result of it is that this large-scale event has not just taken place — it was successful. I even had the impression that it is here, in Skolkovo, numerous entrepreneurs, scientists, developers, investors, government officials, representatives of large corporations and development institutions felt particularly clearly that they are a part of the community, who are not only doing common business, but who have gathered together for the first time in their own territory. This means that the innovation process, which is going across Russia at a different rate and with different effectiveness, is finding its geographic core. This core is Skolkovo, the area of innovation."

Such activities as "Open Innovations" contribute a great deal to the process of adjustment of the interaction of all parts of the Russian innovation ecosystem. This creates an algorithm of bringing innovation into real life, turning into products and services.

Anatoly Chubais, the Chairman of the Board of MC RUSNANO: The "Open Innovations" Forum and RUSNANO are peers. However, nine years ago, when it all began, both the event, and our company were called a little differently: we were the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, and the exhibition was called "Rusnanotech". Since that time, through the institutions' efforts, new industry was built, the achievements of which were demonstrated at the Forum. There were changes in the venues and participants, but one important thing has remained — a healthy competition and a desire to demonstrate the best things, results and achievements of the year. I am confident that this enthusiasm will continue in the future."

Oleg Fomichev, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation: "This Forum is a unique international discussion platform, which brings together a large number of stakeholders in the field of innovation. This year, during the Forum, we organized a number of important meetings on key agendas of innovative development of Russia, dedicated to the improvement of public innovation support mechanisms in the regions, to further the implementation of cluster policy in the form of project management, to develop the tools of support for fast-growing companies — national champions, the implementation of innovative development strategies of Russia, stimulating innovative development of state-owned companies that are developing and implementing innovative development programs."

Evgeny Kuznetsov, acting General Director of RVC: "The National Report Draft "On Innovations in Russia 2016" was presented at the Forum". Its main conclusion is that the rapid technological growth requires the involvement of big business. One of the key events of the Forum organized by RVC was the visit of twenty international corporate venture funds. Together with the partners from Skolkovo, we announced the launch of a road show of development institutes Open Innovations Start-up Tour, which will combine the resources of all existing projects, including the GenerationS accelerator. The winners of the two awarding nominations "Venture investor" became the funds with the participation of the RVC capital. In addition, RVC and Voentelekom signed a cooperation agreement at the Forum"

Sergey Polyakov, General Director of Innovation Support Fund. “The Open Innovations Forum has been held for the fifth time, and it changes its format from year to year. This year, the Forum was devoted to the technological breakthrough, global changes and the financing of projects. Accelerators, future markets and global robotics — that is a small list of those topics that were covered in three days by the participants of the global innovation community. I am confident that the results of discussions of joint projects will find their application in real life. See you next year!"

For Moscow, "Open Innovations" is a confirmation that the capital of Russia together with the whole country are perceived by the international community as a field of enormous opportunity and a point of attraction for "smart" investment.

Oleg Bocharov, the Head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship for the City of Moscow: "Open Innovations" is an effective platform to demonstrate the capabilities of Moscow as the Russian high-tech capital. A qualitatively new innovation ecosystem, whose work we have demonstrated on-site in Skolkovo was built in the city over the last six months.

"Open Innovations" also means a dream space. Within three days of the Forum, those who can be considered dreamers, those who are changing the surrounding reality just by the power of their thoughts, made incredible speeches.

Paul Misener (USA), Amazon's Vice President, revealed the secret of success of its business model. Dirk Ahlborn (USA), the CEO at JumpStarter Inc. and Hyperloop Transportation, shared his view on mega projects. Bas Lansdorp (Netherlands), one of the Mars One project managers spoke about the prospects of conquering the "red planet", and the writer Joe Quirk (USA) predicted the imminent outcome of humanity into the ocean.

As shown by the results of "Open Innovations 2016", the work of the Forum will include more and more people, and the event turned into a full-fledged tool for building relationships where there is a place for discussion, search for partners, work, creativity and dreams.

The organizers of the "Open innovation" Forum thank the partners of the event — EY, FRII, FAO Rostelecom, a track's partners — MSD and Kaspersky Lab, as well as to the official airline of the Forum of Aeroflot PJSC and the official car of the Forum — BMW.

Information partners were more than 30 leading Russian and international media, including Russia-24, TASS, Kommersant ID, Moscow Media Holding Rambler, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Russia Beyond the Headlines, Echo of Moscow, Komsomolskaya Pravda and others.

The "Open Innovations" Forum has been held annually since 2012 in Moscow, according to the decision of the Russian Government. In 2016, the organizer of the Forum was the Fund Skolkovo, co-organizers — the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Government of Moscow, the Fund for Infrastructure and RUSNANO educational programs, Russian Venture Company, Vnesheconombank, the Innovation Support Fund. The "Open Innovation" Forum in 2016 for the first time in history was held in Technopark Skolkovo from 26 to 28 October 2016 www.

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