RVC and Skolkovo Foundation sign a roadmap for coordination


RVC and Skolkovo Foundation have approved a roadmap on cooperation in 2016-2017 in accordance with the instructions of the Russian Prime Minister on the integration of the two development institutions from 30 March 2016. The document was signed by the Acting General Director of RVC Evgeny Kuznetsov and the Senior Vice President of Skolkovo Innovation Foundation Vasily Belov. The Roadmap provides for the establishment of a joint venture Foundation, the launch of an investment consulting centre, joint efforts for the development of innovation ecosystems and support of high-tech start-ups.

According to the roadmap, before the end of 2016, it is planned to create a venture Foundation with the participation of the Skolkovo MC and RVC. This will enable both institutions to organize the development of joint investment activities aimed at supporting STI companies as well as residents of Skolkovo.

The Roadmap provides for the launch of a joint Investment Counselling Centre for innovative companies supported by all development institutions. The integration of expert pools of RVC and Skolkovo Foundation will improve the quality of technological and business assessment of projects in the interests of the Foundation with the RVC capital participation.

RVC and Skolkovo Foundation will join forces for the development of the Russian innovation ecosystem. In particular, a number of initiatives are planned as to the work with the community of venture investors, preparation of legislative proposals to stimulate investments in technological projects. In addition, the joint educational projects and activities will be conducted for corporations and investors of different stages. The activities of RVC and Skolkovo Foundation will also focus on the creation and maintenance of a regional partnership network of Skolkovo Foundation, the integration of its activities carried out within the framework of the STI regional agenda. Within the cooperation between RVC and Skolkovo Foundation in the area of supporting high-tech start-ups, it is expected to create a unified database and project monitoring system, which work with the development of institutions, promotion of the best of them through government support programs. In addition, the integration of federal activities of the GenerationS accelerator from RVC and the Start-up Tour by Skolkovo Foundation will be carried out.

In the field of international activity, the roadmap provides for the development and implementation of the plan of joint initiatives of RVC and Skolkovo Foundation aimed at facilitating the exit of technology companies in the international market.

Joint activities of RVC and Skolkovo Foundation will also be aimed at promoting youth entrepreneurship and technological innovation. The development institutions will join forces in the common development of innovation activities of universities and research organizations and in the work with maker and research communities as well as research communicators.

"The integration of RVC and Skolkovo Foundation implies a significant intertwining of programs and alignment of relationship mechanisms at the horizontal level. We have fully analysed the projects, which complement each other to improve the effectiveness of all tools existing at RVC and Skolkovo. The integration is moving toward the creation of a powerful cluster in which all development institutions work in order to ensure maximum convenience for innovators and investors," says Acting General Director of RVC Evgeny Kuznetsov.

"We welcome a deep integration and systematic cooperation with RVC. Similar work is being done with other development institutions. As a result, technology entrepreneurs will receive the necessary support at all stages of their company's life cycle," said Senior Vice President of Innovation Skolkovo Foundation Vasily Belov.

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