RVC to launch a large-scale study of Russian incubators and accelerators

RVC to launch a large-scale study of Russian incubators and accelerators

RVC, together with the Business Incubator Higher School of Economics and UBI Global announces the beginning of the study of business incubators and accelerators in Russia. The ongoing study will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the Russian business incubators and accelerators, identifying best practices, and helping participants to improve their competitiveness. Moreover, within the study, the rating of the best Russian incubators and accelerators will be drawn up.

The work is being carried out by UBI Global Methodology — an independent organization, specializing in the analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of business incubators around the world. The study includes an analysis of each participant by more than 40 key performance indicators.

It is expected that the study will cover more than 60 Russian incubators. Upon its results, the respondents will receive a brief report with their key performance indicators and comparisons with the aggregate indicators of the Russian and foreign colleagues (more than 350 organizations from 60 countries). Based on the results of the study, an analytical report on the state of the industry as a whole will be prepared with the aggregated data of study participants, by comparison with the data of incubators in other countries and rating organizations that have demonstrated the highest cumulative score. The data and results of the specific study participants will not be disclosed publicly. The members will automatically receive the status of a UBI Global Standard Member and will be included in the Global Incubation Network — the world's largest network of incubation programs.

All the ratings and criteria are subjective, but they serve as important tasks for structuring the market. The emergence of the UBI Global ranking helped many global business incubators to improve its processes in accordance with the clear and thoughtful criteria. With this project, we want to achieve the same result in the Russian market. The best ones should be visible globally, gain new partners, continue their growing, and the market in general, having received an important message and methodology, being able to begin the important self-improvement work. Hopefully, in the near future, in less than a year, we will see a quality growth", says Georgy Gogolev, Director of Communications of RVC.

This study is a unique opportunity to highlight the significant work done by incubators and accelerators, and to present its results not only to the Russian audience, but also to the global one," says Ali Amin, the CEO and co-founder of UBI Global.

The preliminary results from the study will be presented at the Moscow International Innovation Development Forum "Open Innovation" (26-28 October 2016); the final data will be presented at the Forum "Innovation Ecosystem" (8-9 December 2016).

Participation in the study is free. Applications for participation are accepted online until October 10, 2016 following the link

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