RVC and Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology has agreed on cooperation

RVC and Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology has agreed on cooperation

RVC together with the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) are planning to join the effort in the field of technology for mutual benefit of both countries. The agreement was signed by Acting CEO of RVC Evgeniy Kuznetsov and KIAT president Chung Jae-Hoon at the Eastern Economic Forum.

The Parties are intended to collaborate in order to develop and strengthen relationships between the scientist from Russia and South Korea and also to carry out activities on encouragement of the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and know-how that contribute to commercialization of technologies.

In perspective, RVC and KIAT plan collaborative work related to exchange of experience and best practice in the field of governmental policy and development programs for medium and small business — potential "hidden champions", and in the field of assistance in development of mechanisms for commercialization of technology in industrial sectors that are of joint interest for collaboration.

RVC has been developing collaboration with the Korea innovation ecosystem from 2014. For the previous two years, RVC together with the Korean partners organized seven events in Russia and Korea. During this period, the following cooperation agreements were signed: with the Office of Strategic R&D Planning of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea ; with Korea Techno Venture Foundation and Samsung Research Center in Russia. Together with the Samsung Research Center in Russia, analysis of RVC portfolio and TechSuccess rating were carried out for the benefit of commercial acceleration, eight companies were selected for more careful consideration of technological partnership opportunities offered by the Samsung venture subdivision. In relation with the great interest of the Russian and Korean representatives of technological business to the collaboration, RVC representative started working in South Korea in May this year.

South Korea is one of the key directions for technological cooperation. RVC works closely with the leading South Korean institutions in this direction. Work that we plan to do together with KIAT will ensure establishment of the mutually beneficial partnership, Acting CEO Evgeniy Kuznetsov commented. — We are planning to initiate discussion of our mutual interests in the field of industrial technologies. In the future, the measures implemented together with the institution will ensure exchange of knowledge and development of industrial technologies.

KIAT President Chung Jae-Hoon noted that synergy of the Russian scientific potential and Korean expertise in industrial technologies will allow more active integration of innovation solutions in small and medium business and will ensure their commercialization. KIAT will make every effort necessary to support small and medium companies from Korea in entering the global market due to technological partnership with Russia, Chung Jae-Hoon emphasised.

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