RVC launches a new educational program for corporations related to innovation management


RVC runs a new educational program on innovation management and corporate venture investments for managers and specialist of the Russian companies.

At the moment, creation of the corporate venture funds and open innovation concept itself is the new practice for the Russian companies; the management is not always ready to use this mechanism. And interaction with small innovation teams and development of internal corporate technology management principles allows the fast response to market demands, creation of new products and technologies. The educational program ensures complex understanding of venture market and gaining of practical management experience due to work with the certain specialized innovation projects.

The course is prepared for management staff of the corporations and companies with public ownership including Directors for Business Strategy and Development, Chief Engineers, Financial Managers, Technology Directors, R&D Managers, Corporate Venture Investment Management Specialists.

The program joins two formats: online trainings and participation in the face-to-face project sessions focused on development of corporate venture investment principles. Based on the results of the course, the students will develop corporate innovation management concepts as well as corporate venture investment concept that will focus on optimization of the existing and newly prepared Innovation development programs (IDP).

Program participants will gain skills in the field of strategic planning and innovation management, experience of cooperation with the innovation ecosystem representatives: universities, technoparks, technology entrepreneurs, representatives of corporations and development institutions. Moreover, the trainees will have practice of work with the innovation projects: from finding to making an investment decision.

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