Summary of roundtable talks " How to grow a national champion: scaling business of industrial leaders in BRICS markets "


Summary of roundtable talks " How to grow a national champion: scaling business of industrial leaders in BRICS markets "

On July 11 RVC took part in the international industrial exhibition "Innoprom" and organized a round table on the topic: " How to grow a national champion: scaling business of industrial leaders in BRICS markets"

The participants discussed state programs designed to support Russian fast-growing technology companies and touched on the subject of TechUp rating which is to become the first selection round of MEDT's priority project aimed at supporting private leaders in high-tech industries"

Evgeny Kuznetsov, acting CEO of RVC OJSC delivered a welcoming speech to the participants of the roundtable talks:

 RVC, AIRR, HSE and PWC have a long history of promoting TechUp rating as a tool of identifying the most efficient high-tech companies and providing effective government support to such businesses. The recent trends have led to a model whereby governments are actively helping national champion companies to become global technology leaders . In modern world it is absolutely necessary that a state should act as a partner serving for high-tech companies . It is important to have coordinated support tools for the companies to operate effectively.

The discussion was opened by Dan Medovnikov, Director of the Innovations Management Institute of the Higher School of Economics. Dan spoke about the TechUp rating and new selection criteria . This year TechUp rating has raised for its participants the upper limit of revenue value up to 30 billion rubles. This step will engage in the rating more of the companies that fall under the internationally accepted criteria of "hidden champions". He declared that thanks to TechUp rating, mid-cap technology companies came to prominence and got their names mentioned by all kinds of government and development institutions.

Artem Shadrin, Director of MEDT of Russia's Social Development and Innovation Department spoke of a special programme aimed at sustaining national champions:

 Last week RF Minister of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev signed an order to initiate a project aimed at supporting high-tech companies — national champions , — he noted. — We have set ourselves the task of forming by 2025 Russian-based transnational companies with a turnover of billions of US dollars : at least two private high-tech companies with a turnover of 10 billion dollars and at least five companies with a turnover of 5 billion dollars. What kind of companies are they? We assume they are the winners of TechUp rating.

Further, he marked out three mainstays which the support program intends to realise: financial support and assistance in using support tools which have already been implemented by development institutes and federal ministries, non-financial support and alleviation of management risks which may be caused by business scaling.

The participants of the round table agreed that small and medium enterprises are in dire need of state support ."Support can be rendered in several ways. For instance, it can secure long-lasting contracts for high-tech enterprises, simplify custom clearance of new products and provide assistance in homologation of products both in Russia and abroad " — said Viktor Avdeev, CEO of the NGO Unikhimtek.

Government assistance in certification is really important, — consented Evgeny Kuznetsov. — RVC has been raising the question of certification for quite a while. It should be noted that the standards which are in currently in use need to be constantly renewed in order to forewarn losing situations

The participants also referred to another important problem that Russian companies have to deal with when searching partners overseas. Clearly, the government is able to provide assistance in this matter. Evgeny Kuznetsov agreed on this point:

Our intention is to introduce the concept of global technological policy into the global strategy of the National Technology Initiative ( NTI ) . Aside from supporting the export of technology companies , this initiative can involve our country in global processes of developing new standards, coordinating plans, legalizing new markets and creating new technologies. He added that "we are keeping a close eye on Chinese experience precisely because China learned how to effectively "accelerate" national champions and take them to global level.

At the end of the discussion Evgeny Kuznetsov accentuated that all partners involved in the making of TechUp rating should focus on solving these problems and proceed to the model of "business association " To watch the video recording of the round table "How to grow a national champion: scaling business of industrial leaders in BRICS markets" please click on the following link.


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