The sixth All-Russian competition of innovative journalism Tech in Media'16 decided on the winners of the 1st Round



The sixth All-Russian competition of innovative journalism Tech in Media'16 decided on the winners of the 1st Round

The winners of the 1st Round of the sixth All-Russian competition of innovative journalism Tech in Media'16 came to prominence at today's international industrial exhibition INNOPROM in Yekaterinburg. The first round of the Tech in Media competition dealt with the theme of advanced production. There was a total of 120 applications which were selected from various Russian mass media, such as Nauka i Zhizn (Science and Life), Secret Firmy (Company secret), Schrödinger's cat, Tomsk news, Delovoy Petersburg (Business Petersburg). However, only 11 author's articles were highly rated by the Expert Council.

The best publications at the end of the contest were :

In the nomination "The best publication/series of publications in federal printed media"

  • 1st place – Tatiana Zimina for the publication «3-d blocks substitute bone", Nauka i Zhizn (Science and Life) magazine
  • 2nd place – Mikhail Kiselyov for the publication "Industry 4.0 : its problematics", Stankoinstrument magazine
  • 3rd place – Ksenia Nabatkina for the publication "Honey, I'll print you a star", Schrödinger's cat

In the nomination "The best publication /series of publications in regional printed media"

  • 1st place – Natalia Moroz for the publication "Petr Gavrilov : «Systematic introduction of breakthrough technologies at GKhK", 
  • 2nd place – Olga Myagchenko for the publication " Innovators in need of a liaison ", Delovoy Petersburg (Business Petersburg) newspaper
  • 3rd place – Elena Taylasheva for the publication "Cutting edge millionaires. How «DI GROUP» company transforms obsolete technology into power", Tomsk news newspaper

In the nomination " The best publication / series of publications in online media"

  • 1st place – Kateryna Zubkova for the publication "Industry 4.0 : Rise of machines is nearing», Energyland
  • 2nd place – Evgenia Sherbina for the publication " 3d effect ",
  • 3rd place – Victoria Charochkina for the publication " Sweater with Deer : How Deerz, an online store, turned into a garment factory ", Secret Firmy (Company secret)

In the nomination "The best TV/radio news story "

  • 1st place – Natalia Chertkova for the story " Sputnik gets working at the ISS ," STRBC Tomsk

In 2016 the contest was divided into three main thematic areas: «Life Sciences», «Advanced production» and « Unmanned transport». It is planned to add other tracks, including the already confirmed "Internet" track.

The prize fund is distributed the following way: 100K RUB for the first place , 20K RUB for the second place, 10K RUB for the third place in each nomination.

After all rounds of the contest come to an end, the winners will obtain their prizes at the Award Ceremony of the V International Forum "Open Innovation" in October 2016.


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