The RVC Board of Directors accepts the resignation of Igor Agamirzyan


The RVC Board of Directors accepts the resignation of Igor Agamirzyan

On June 29, 2016 the regular meeting of the RVC Board of Directors, which accepted the voluntary retirement of Igor Agamirzyan, who had served as CEO and Chairman of the Board since April 2009. The Board of Directors expressed its official gratitude to Igor Agamirzyan for the results of what the company had achieved under his leadership.


The Chairman of the RVC Board and Official Secretary — Deputy Minister of Economic Development Oleg Fomichev said:"The RVC headed by Igor Agamirzyan in 2009 and the RVC today — these are two different companies. As part of the annual monitoring of the effectiveness of institutions by the Expert Council under the Government in 2015, an independent evaluation was organized, which, among others, included RVC. According to its results, the level of implementation of the key performance indicators in 2009-2014 by RVC amounted to 105%. Also, RVC has the highest rate among development institutions in the share of export revenues and attraction of funds from investors."

Oleg Fomichev announced that there will be an open competition for the position of the General Director of RVC. Evgeny Kuznetsov, Deputy General Director of Russian Venture Company and the Program Director has been appointed acting General Director of RVC.

Igor Agamirzyan will take the post of vice-president of the National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (HSE). He will be responsible for the strategy of development of the University of Technology Ecosystem, building a relationship with technology businesses, the formation of feedback mechanisms from employers to adjust the requirements for graduates, and the development of innovation infrastructure of the HSE and the entire unit of activities associated with information technologies.

Lately, RVC has been actively considering the issue of the role of universities as a key element in the development of an ecosystem of innovation in technological and organizational way of the new economy. I have a certain understanding of both unexplored academic environment functioning problems and challenges facing the research community. The work in the Higher School of Economics — one of the leading Russian universities, with which I have long-standing academic relations and positive history of cooperation — is a chance to try out in practice the idea of the formation of the industrial ecosystem around the developing University and the creation of research and expert center for the development of innovation and new economy in our country, said Igor Agamirzyan.


Biography of Igor Agamirzyan
Igor Agamirzyan is a Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1986), a leading expert in the field of computer and information technologies, venture investment and innovation and technological entrepreneurship.
In 1979, he graduated from the Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of Leningrad State University with a degree in "Applied Mathematics".
From 1995 to 2007, he worked in various positions in the offices of Microsoft in the UK, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
In 2007-2009, the CEO of the Center for the software development of EMC Corporation in St. Petersburg.
From April 2009 to June 2016, he served as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at RVC
Igor Agamirzyan is the author of more than 25 scientific papers on the Information Society and the computer business.

On the Board of Directors
The RVC Board of Directors acts on the basis of the Russian legislation, the Articles of Association of RVC, the Regulations on the Board of Directors and other internal documents of the company. The competence of the Board of Directors includes solving general management problems of the company, except for the issues referred by the Russian legislation and the Articles of Association as to the competence of the General Meeting of Shareholders. The General Meeting of Shareholders elects the members of the Board for a term until the next annual meeting. The size of the Board of Directors is also determined by the resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders, but cannot exceed nine people.

About RVC
RVC is a state fund of funds, the development institution of the Russian Federation, one of the key tools in building its own national innovation system. The authorized capital of RVC is more than 30 billion rubles. One hundred per cent of the RVC capital belongs to the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Property Management Agency of the Russian Federation (). The total amount of funds generated by RVC has reached 22 billion rubles; meanwhile, the total size is equal to 33 billion rubles. The share of RVC is 20.2 billion rubles. The number of innovative companies approved for investment by the RVC funds has reached 197. The total amount of monetary funds approved for investment is 18.3 billion rubles. Since 2015, RVC has been entrusted with the creation of a project office for the implementation of NTI — the program of measures aimed at the formation of fundamentally new markets and the creation of conditions for global technological leadership of Russia by 2035.

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