RVC discussed the best innovation management practices in the Russian companies


RVC discussed the best innovation management practices in the Russian companies

On April 19, a seminar related to innovation management models and practices was held in the RVC office; it was a continuance of the project dated 2015 related to development of the instruments for experience exchange and promotion of the best corporate venture investment practices and "open innovation".

Project Organizers — RVC in partnership with iR&Dclub (Science and Innovation Directors Club NP). Members — research and innovation directors of the Russian companies from different industries. As a part of the project in 2015, seven expert sessions were held at venues of large Russian and international corporations and banks where the participants could learn first-hand about innovation management system and get to know company members responsible for implementation of new technologies and innovation process management.

In her opening speech, the member of the management board, Director of Development at RVC Gulnara Bikkulova told about RVC work related to implementation and development of the "open innovation" model in large companies and about interaction of corporations with the venture ecosystem participants.

Corporations should become active participants of innovation ecosystem and start setting up corporate venture funds to buy Russian innovations in a more active manner and become their customers, Gulnara Bikkulova believes. To make it happen, RVC actively involved corporate representatives to participation in GenerationS accelerator last year, explained member of RVC management board. — "Doors open days in corporations" is one more practical format that we practice. This is a very important project: Russian specific experience is insufficient at the moment and we need to collect and analyse it. That is why we are planning to continue the project this year".

Director of development at RVC also noted that they expect to add meetings module for corporations and start-ups to the new project cycle.

In 2015, project venues are 7 companies and banks: SAP, 3M, Svyaz Engineering CJSC, Kriogenmash PJSC, (PJSC OMZ), ONPP Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin, Alfa-Laboratory (Alfa-Bank JSC) and DuPont. According to the results of visits, a collection of innovation management cases in big companies and work with external and internal developments was compiled; it was presented on the seminar by the executive officer of the Science and Innovation Directors Club Vladimir Kosteev. 12 characteristics of the innovation companies were included in the collection.

These are not final models, not training material. We focused on practices existing in the companies participating in the project. The first thing that we saw and that is common for all companies that are deemed to be innovation is point of view taken by the top managers or owners of the company. Our profound conviction is that if top managers, owners have no clear point of view, no innovation can exist, Vladimir Kosteev emphasised.

Another distinguishing characteristics described in the collection are separation of innovation activity from operating business (separate to innovate principle), project-based approach to innovation and its stage-by-stage development in companies, right to make mistakes of a manager involved in innovation and internal technology brokerage. Furthermore, specific approach to assess innovation efficiency is observed in innovation companies: they are divided into types; and different management models and methods are used for different types. Many companies develop their own ecosystem around the main business; some of them use competence-based approach where a single competence is a base for a set of products.

You can get more information of these characteristics and case studies of four Russian companies — Kriogenmash, Alfa-Bank, Technologia ONPP and Svyaz Engineering — in the case study collection published on the website.

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