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Moscow State University launches accelerator for the breakthrough biotechnology projects

Moscow State University launches accelerator for the breakthrough biotechnology projects

Moscow State University launches accelerator for the breakthrough biotechnology projects

On February 1, 2016 M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University launched the acceleration program Formula Biotech 2016 to cope with the existing challenges the Russian biotechnology companies face with with the help of the young scientists teams. The program is implemented by the MSU Science Park and Biotechnology Business Incubator with the support of Innopractica and RVC.

The main objective of the program is a closer cooperation between academic science and Russian business in biotechnologies 180 people, young scientists, graduates and undergraduates of the Moscow major universities and colleges were selected out of 450 applicants to take part in Formula Biotech 2016. For five months, the participants are to work out the efficient solution of research and business problems set by the industry and business partners of the program. Those contestants who have made it will present their solutions at the final contest in July 2016. If successful, young entrepreneurs will embrace big orders, business prospective and career offers from the leading core companies. Oleg Movsesyan, General Director of the MSU Science Park, Alexander Veresov, Head of Department for Cooperation with Scientific Community at Innopractica and Dmitry Akhaev, General Director of the MSU Bioincubator spoke at the opening of the project. Of their expectations from the accelerator; the industrial partners of the program: members of the high-tech pharmaceutical companies P-Farm, Biotechfarm and EFTEK as well as Bioprocess Capital Partners Managing Company also spoke at the event.

The program projects focus on imports substitution, expansion of innovation product line, medicine instrument engineering, modern tests, agriculture and forestry, food recycling, environment protection technologies and renewable energy. Each team has a mentor of the program – an entrepreneur who has been able to market biotechnology and medicine products.

All in all Formula Biotech has over 40 industry partners, including R-Farm, KIT, BioTechnologies, Lumex, Genoanalitika and portfolio company Napoli of FPI RVC.


Nikolai Kozlov, Acceleration Programs Manager at the MSU Science Park: "Formula Biotech 2016 program related to the cooperation of biotechnology business with university graduates where budding specialists can simultaneously learn market-oriented practical skills in the process of solving problems set by business, makes it possible to better perceive the essence of real industrial production and get fully prepared for their first steps in the profession. And we as nobody else are anxious to raise modern successful professionals who could join the team of our industrial partners or set up their own Russian high-tech company or do research in applied sciences in the future".

Evgeny Kuznetsov, Deputy CEO – Program Director RVC: "Support of biotechnologies in Russia is a priority for RVC. There are four biotechnology funds with RVC participation. Practically almost all large venture investments in one way or anither have some RVC capital. In the innovation sphere, biotechnologies are represented by the following task forces: Healthnet, Neuronet, Foodnet. In the near future, we expect a breakthrough growth in biotechnologies, agriculture and personified medicine. For Russia to secure a foothold in these global markets, it is very important to involve young specialists in this sector. That is why we helped Formula Biotech 2016 accelerator working together with our colleagues to involve new partners and work out the logic of the program".

Alexander Bykov, Health Care Economics Manager, P-Farm: "Innovation development in pharmaceutics and biotechnology presupposes creation of new molecules, marketing new breakthrough drugs and methods of treatment, which is impossible without forming an innovational regulatory environment that encourages appearance and introduction of new expertise and knowledge, training Next generation personnel, advanced management system in the quality of medical care. At the same time innovation structuring in health care and pharmaceutics will give a powerful impulse for the discovery of new drugs and technologies of advanced development. It’s a sort of cross cap – a never ending cycle of innovation development. I wish a success to Formula Biotech 2016 on this exciting creative road".

Alexander Veresov, Head of Department for Cooperation with Science Community at Innopractica: "The doubtless advantage of Formula Biotech 2016 is its practical interactivity between science and industry. The program makes it possible for young, up-and-coming scientists and researchers not only to acquire competence in technology commercialization and get the support for their ideas but, which is most important, to hear the demands of business and offer projects that meet the current needs of the market. And that is exactly what Innopractica is about. It is also the opportunity for universities to “start a dialogue” with Russian players in the sphere of biotechnologies, which may become a starting point for a long-term cooperation and in perspective the start of an entrepreneurial “success story”. And though today we speak of the experimental program in acceleration, I am certain that it will succeed taking into account the involved business expertise and ambitions of the contestants".


Formula Biotech Program

A new acceleration program implemented by the MSU Science Park and MSU Biotechnology Business Incubator with Innopractica and RVC support. The objective of the program is to get Russian biotechnology business and the academic community to come closer to each other. The participants focus on the projects of medical instrument engineering, modern tests, agriculture and forestry, food recycling, environment protection technologies and renewable energy. This kind of format in dealing with innovations is characteristic of both the most advanced innovation centres of the world (for example, Stanford University) and of the fast developing regions: Israel, Singapore, India. With the launch of the program based on Lomonosov MSU a “one stop shop” for the solution of research and technical business problems in the sphere of biotechnologies will be created in Moscow. Most mentors in the program are young entrepreneurs between 28 and 40 who have already achieved impressive results in business and are willing to share the secrets of their success.

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