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Switch to technology development model of the Russian economy was discussed at the Gaidar Forum


Switch to technology development model of the Russian economy was discussed at the Gaidar Forum.

RVC was an official partner of the VII Gaidar Forum "Russia and the World: Looking to the Future" conducted in Moscow on January 13-15. RVC took active participation in development of the forum business program by arranging two expert discussions "National report on innovations in Russia" and "Institutional design of Russian economy: transition from a rent model to a technological model".

The first day of the forum started with a panel session devoted to "National report on innovations in Russia" Session moderator was the General Director of RVC Igor Agamirzyan. The national report was developed by order of the presidium of the Council on economic modernization and innovative development of Russia by the Ministry of Economic Development involving the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation, RVC and international consulting company The Boston Consulting Group.

The draft of the National Report was presented for the first time at the “Open Innovations” Forum last year at the end of October. The discussion at the Gaidar Forum was a continuance of the report discussion by the experts' community prior to submission to the Government of the Russian Federation.

Senior Partner, Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group Vladislav Butenko, President of Strategy Partners Group Alexandr Idrisov, Head of the Investment Projects and Programs Direction - Managing Director of Leader CJSC Sergey Kerber, General Director of the Russian quantum center Ruslan Unusov, Deputy General Director of RVC Evgeny Kuznetsov, Chief Executive Officer of the Forum Analytics Center, member of the Experts' Council under Government of the Russian Federation Ekaterina Shapochka and others experts participated in the discussion.

The experts noted that it is necessary to overcome the gap between the innovation and technology policy and economic development strategy of Russia in the flow of discussion. The National Technology Initiative as one of the state policy priorities may play an important role in joining effort of the state, corporations and all innovation community.

General director of RVC Igor Agamirzyan: "National Technology Initiative concept is the first try to formulate technology policy of the state based on the actual market demand used to forecast development for all innovation cycle stages to science and education. The National report is to play an important role in innovation process management. Together with that, I am absolutely sure that we need not only a national report, but also a national idea. Cultural aspects play an important role in modernization. Besides, to make the national innovation idea successfully develop it should have a firm institutional foundation."

Evgeny Kuznetsov, managing report development paid attention to the fact that the National Report on Innovations is not the first document prepared by RVC by assignment of the government, and the main conclusion that can be made for all research results is critical disconnect between the different instruments launched in the innovation sphere: «By 2015, we were in the situation when tens of different programs totally uncoordinated by purposes, results and ideology were developed." Deputy General Director of RVC believes that it is possible to solve problems caused by such incoordination using through figures: "It is necessary, for example, to consider synergies with local innovation infrastructure in the universities development program, and to define that it should support start-ups coming out of universities in the technoparks development programs"

In the experts' opinion, the national report and state policy should consider innovation according to the global practice as the process of conversion of knowledge to consumer value and focus on innovations in the corporate sector.

«Innovation activity in our country is deemed only as high science, life science, electronics or IT, these are very important sectors, but we need to pay attention to what creates value for consumers – new products, processes, marketing innovations or business models" – Alexandr Idrisov, president of Strategy Partners Group commented.

Experts shared their opinion that Russia has to switch to international standards in efficiency assessment of the innovation development and state programs by defining the selected key indicators for this purpose.

The National Technology Initiative was the main theme of the discussion «Institutional design of the Russian economy: transition from a rent model to a technological model». Conditions for development of the efficient NTI implementation and re-construction of institutes for support of the technological companies were discussed.

In discussion which moderator was Igor Agamirzyan, was attended by a press-secretary – Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russian Federation Oleg Fomichev, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Alexandr Povalko, dean of Economic Faculty the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov Alexandr Auzan, Deputy General Director of RVC Evgeny Kuznetsov, President of "United Machine Building Plants" PJSC Vadim Makhov, Exports Executive Officer of Google, General Director of Google Sweden David Sneddon and others experts.

«New opportunities along with new challenges arise in the situation difficult for our economy. The National Technology Initiative (‪#‎NTI‬‬) was launched; here we, for the first time, put demand and consumer at the top of a list and approach to technologies comes from markets. Is it possible to build an efficient implementation system for NTI in the existing conditions and how to re-construct institutes for the purposes of support of technological companies?" Igor Agamirzyan opened the discussion.

Evgeny Kuznetsov noted in his presentation that knowledge, technologies and human intelligence gain main profit in the technological model of economy.

«We are losing standard raw rent, and haven't yet built the corresponding environment for the intelligent capital," he considers.

In opinion of Evgeny Kuznetsov, the main thing that the state can do is to provide more freedom to all economy subjects and start forming long-term strategies – educational, cultural, and social for 10-20 years ahead.

Alexandr Auzan talked of role of the human capital in his presentation.

«Previously we thought that we have institutes of low quality and it is just necessary to improve it. But with new scientific discoveries the point of view changed: it appeared that there are extractive institutes that are a good fit for rent economic and inclusive institutes that are good for development purposes. We have very good extractive institutes, and good human capital is thrown to countries with other institute types. Inclusive institutes are required for high-quality human capital because this is his ecosystem. But human capital is not demanded in out primitive economy. That is why a key to transition to the other institute type is only through increase of demand for human capital," – the expert said.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Alexandr Povalko also noted weak demand for human capital in the Russian economy: «Our economy is just unable to consume specialists in such volume in which they are trained in our country».

Solutions of this problem, according to him, is active involvement of the customer in the educational process - from entrepreneurs' communities to corporate customers, development of research direction at universities, foundation of engineering centers, students design engineering bureaus, support for individual enthusiasts.

Evgeny Kuznetsov discussed with the top managers of the biggest Russian companies conditions of mutually beneficial cooperation of the industry with the Russian innovation centers at the expert discussion "Future of Distribution Infrastructure in Russia". This economy sector always had real demand for new technologies, especially in the sphere of communication, building, equipment, machine building, online monitoring and business management. According to the experts' opinion, retail market can make a real contribution to innovation development of the country.


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