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Moscow, April 19, 2011 – While Russia has set for itself the strategic goal of modernization through technological development, to date the country remains largely terra incognita to many international players in the IT sector because of the general lack market data and business information in English.

East-West Digital News (, a new website launched this month, stands out as the first English-language resource bridging the information gaps across a spectrum of industries, making them more accessible to Western audiences for the first time. The site overcomes the language barrier with clear, incisive English and provides comprehensive coverage of Russian Internet, telecom, digital TV, satellite, and software markets as well as relevant financial and legal information.

- A variety of content and business tools

"In contrast with the abundance of such information available in Russian, no regular or sufficient source of information covering these industries existed in English,” says East-West Digital News co-founder Adrien Henni, a former French journalist and analyst with a Western investment fund operating in Russia. “Partners, colleagues and I myself personally witnessed how numerous foreign players were restrained from developing their business in Russia or have postponed business initiatives due to lack of reliable information.”

EWDN offers a comprehensive range of content and a selection of industry events. It is also developing a variety of professional business tools designed to improve business communication between Russian and international market participants.

The site is the brainchild of a group of Western and Russian professionals with strong knowledge in the related fields as well as startup, financial and media experience assisted by a native English-speaking editorial staff.

- A range of authoritative local and international partners

EWDN enjoys an academic-business partnership with the Higher School of Economics, Russia's leading university for economics, management, social sciences, IT and computer sciences. "This project will be a powerful information and communication tool for innovative players seeking to develop internationally," says Alexey Novoseltsev, HSE’s Director for innovation and enterprise. "We feel that by supporting East-West Digital News, our university is contributing to the infrastructure of Russia's innovation agenda."

The Russian Venture Company, a state-owned fund of funds dedicated to innovative projects, provides EWDN with financial and editorial support. "The globalization of Russia’s innovation system is a strategic goal for RVC," commented Evgeny Kuznetsov, Director of Development and Communications at RVC. "The prime channel for this is an English language media resource focused on Russian innovation enhancing communication between Russian entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with Western partners. This is why we welcome the EWDN project and have decided to support it."

The site also cooperates with international and local consulting firms already present on the Russian IT markets such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, FaberNovel, PMR Publications and IKS-Consulting. Among EWDN’s sources for market data and analysis are a number of leading players, including Russoft, the national association of software and outsourcing companies, the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM), a polling and consumer studies institute, and, an HR and recruitment portal.

EWDN content draws on the best Russian language business and industry news sources such as, the bilingual website on business news and events in the Russian regions,, specializing in Russian e-commerce,, covering digital TV and satellite issues, and ICT Online, a portal dedicated to local IT markets.

For more information please contact Adrien Henni

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