Joint International Investment Fund launched by Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan and Russian Venture Company


Joint International Investment Fund launched by Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan and Russian Venture Company

Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan (IVF RT) and Russian Venture Company (RVC) set up a joint International Venture Fund to work together with international funds specialized in investing in innovative companies.

In order to strengthen the Republic of Tatarstan international cooperation with foreign venture funds, a new concept for establishing venture funds focused on international market was built up. Implementation of this concept will attract private investments into the region, will provide technology transfer to the Republic of Tatarstan, will open up opportunities to invest into the world’s leading innovative companies as well as will contribute to local innovative eco-system development. The launch of the International Investment Fund in partnership with Russian Venture Company is the first stage of this process.

RVC’s strategy — as a governmental fund of funds and development institute — states that one of the company’s priorities is forming long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with international venture funds in order to gain from their experience and enter global information and business networks they are a part of. Recently RVC has set up several international funds and consequently got valuable investment expertise on the global market.

Launching the joint Fund IVF RT and RVC get access to the newest practices of searching, selecting and making business deals, which can be used on the domestic market as well as in cooperation with other international funds. In turn through working with RVC and IVF RT leading global companies get access to the local markets.

Large international funds are witnessing a splash of innovative activity and rapid growth of Russian venture market and see a lot of business opportunities there. However, entering the market would be impossible without highly qualified and experienced local partners. Cooperation between Russian companies and large foreign venture funds lays a solid foundation for attracting capital on further rounds of investment, widening the range of science-related exported goods and it also brings about successful exits for Russian funds.

Russian Venture Company already has an impressive background of cooperating with global venture funds and has already invested via its affiliated fund — Russian Venture Capital II LP (UK) — into funds like Institutional Venture Partners XIII (IVP), Trident Capital VII and DCM VI. Overall amount of RVC’s investments into Russian Venture Capital II LP reached 600 billion rubles (US$ 20 million).

Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan and Russian Venture Company developed a scheme to launch a UK-based US$40 million joint fund — RVC IVFRT LP — with equal participation (US$ 20 million each) of IVF RT and RVC. The Fund is to be based on the existing RVC's fund Russian Venture Capital II LP with IVF RT acting as a new investor. RVC IVFRT Asset Management Inc. — the management company of the joint RVC/IVF RT Fund — was registered in Delaware, USA. Igor Agamirzyan, RVC CEO, was appointed President of the Fund, Ainur Adeldinov, IVF RT Director, was appointed CEO. The Fund’s Headquarters will be based on the premises of RVC representative office in the United States — Russian Venture Company USA Inc.

“During the first two quarters of 2012 we are planning to act according to the management company standard scheme in line with international practices”, — says Igor Agamirzyan, RVC CEO. He adds: “Business assessment of projects seeking funding will be carried out by a group of experts, appointed by Board of Directors of the Management Company and compiled from employees of RVC, IVF RT and also from the pool of external experts”.

As for industrial focus, the Fund will not have any specific restrictions. Naturally, projects concerning prioritized industries of Russia’s innovative development will be favored. All deals carried out will aim at serving the interests of the Russian market as a whole, but special attention will be paid to projects dealing with regional development of the Republic of Tatarstan,— Igor Agamirzyan concludes.

About the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan

State Non-Commercial Organization “Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan” was established by the Resolution No. 928 of the Cabinet of Ministers of RT in November 17, 2004, in view of innovative activity development in the Republic of Tatarstan.

The mission of the Fund is increasing innovation potential of the Republic of Tatarstan, developing science-intensive industries and implementing new advanced technologies, forming new for the Republic approaches to innovation activity development, assisting innovations, creating the conditions for systems of venture financing, and improving system for support of science-intensive small and medium-sized business.

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