Russian Venture Company announces rebranding



Russian Venture Company announces rebranding

The new RVC brand was launched on March 23rd in Moscow. The brand platform and graphic identity were developed by international consultancy firm, Strategic Consulting Group (SCG) London, a company specializing in design and strategic consulting services for the financial sector.

Rebranding will mark the beginning of a new phase for RVC. The decision to renew the company’s brand was brought about by the major changes that have taken place within the company over the last three years. These changes have included new strategy, new team and business tools, as well as an increase in effective cooperation with other major players in the market.

One main aspect of the rebranding is the change of the official name of the company used in external communications. In Russia, only the short form of the name will be used – “РВК” (transliterated as RVC). The same name, RVC, will be used for global markets.

Igor Agamirzian, CEO of RVC says: “Today our rebranding demonstrates to the global innovative community that we have changed — and that this change is not only internal but also enables us to offer effective market development solutions. During the rebranding process we considered several options, including a completely new name for the company. However, taking into account established brand recognition and credibility, we decided to go with the abbreviation RVC, which is also well-known”.

In creating the brand platform, SCG London analyzed current perception of the RVC brand among several target groups. This analysis, together with a benchmark study of large international investment companies and venture funds, led to the recommendation to visually change the logo. In addition to international research, the consultants used the communication strategy that had already been put into place by Russian specialists. This strategy included recommendations on forming both the internal structure and external communication of the company, including the brand’s positioning.

Clive Woodger, Chairman of SCG London, comments: “The new RVC brand transforms the elements of the previous identity into a contemporary, dynamic mark communicating progress, growth and interaction. Triangular shapes combine to create a multi-directional mark. This signifies Russian export of business and ideas while also representing global investment into Russia. The centre triangle acts as a focus of stability, symbolizing the strength and reliability of RVC as an organization. This was a stimulating project to work on as it required a particularly strategic approach in meeting a potential wide variety of audience needs and aspirations.”

Alexander Potapov, COO of RVC says: “The impetus for rebranding was caused mainly by the company’s strategic initiatives. For example, the new brand will be beneficial to our new partnership program which will help promote trustworthy relations and effective cooperation among those who are a part of the innovative ecosystem. The key goal of the program is to bridge several serious gaps in the market. It will provide various and high-quality consulting services for start-ups, developing a unified effectiveness rating of start-up support tools. The program will also form a new set of tools to promote company growth and attract investments.”

О Strategic Consulting Group (SCG) London

SCG LondonStrategic Consulting Group (SCG) London is an independent international consulting company, specializing in design and strategic consulting in the financial sector. Founded in London in 1991, SCG London, has been present on the Russian market since 1998 and among its clients are “Rosbank”, “Russkiy Standard”, “Alpha-Bank”, “Uralsib”, “Moi Bank”, “Okean” and “Moscommertsbank”.

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